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Incheon Airport quick guide: airport buses, SES registration, and shopping in the Airport

To travel to Seoul, the main airport you will be using is Incheon Airport, and the good news is that Incheon Airport has been voted as the Top 3 Best Airport in the World in many consecutive times, distinguishing itself mainly for it cleanliness, duty free shopping facilties, and International transfers.

Incheon airport is located 48km away from Seoul, but transportation is very easy and convenient. You can choose to use theexpress train/subway (AREX line) if your destination is close to Hongik University Station (Hongdae) or Seoul Station. It will take you there as fast as 43~53 minutes, depending on the # of stops it makes in between. Another more popular transportation is the airport buses, also known as limousine buses, that cover many routes around most neighborhoods in Seoul and surrounding cities.

2015-05-21 16.46.36You can find information about the routes and timetables on the airport’s website. These buses usually cost around W7,000~15,000, and will take you to Seoul in about 1h~1h30 depending greatly on the destination. These buses have wide seats, air conditioning, and luggage service.

2015-05-21 16.47.06The airport has a lot of facilities and is almost like a big mall, with cinemas, sauna, showers and rooms, a casino, a ice skating rink, a golf course, and dozens of shops and restaurants. They even have performances several times everyday, and I saw once a “Walk of the Royal Family” (traditional royal parade 4 times a day) and didn’t know… I took pictures thinking it was just a random event! Did you miss the chance to wear a Hanbok (traditional dress) and have some time to spare at the airport? Go to the Korean Experience area and try it on before catching your flight!

A cute Charlie Brown Cafe (actually 2) in Incheon Airport
A cute Charlie Brown Cafe (actually 2) in Incheon Airport

Did I mention FREE UNLIMITED WIFI? No craps of free 15 minutes, or watch this video from our sponsors to get 20 minutes… just straigthforward free wifi.

If you’re in Incheon just for a layover, you’re in luck! Incheon airport offers free transit tours, completely free! You just have to go to the transit tour main desk near gate 8 after getting out of the airport and show proof you’re on a layover and have enough time for the tour. There are several options that you can check on their website, ranging from just 1h to 5h.

Besides all these free activities to do while at the airport are fun, most of us just want to get out of the airport as soon as possible. Well, good news on this sense too! The airport authorities claim that average customs procedures for departure time takes only 19 minutes (versus 60min world-wide avg) and arrivals take 12 minutes (versus 45 minutes). If you’re living in Korea and have residency or some certain types of visa, you can tramit the SES service for an even faster arrival check. I will write this on a separate note. Finally, the baggage claim is also as effective and only 0,0001% baggages are lost every year.

2015-05-21 18.51.18
Check here if you’re eligible to use SES

Have you been to Incheon airport before? And were you aware of all these services? Next time I have time to spare, I’m definitely going to look up for some of these options!


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