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Hong Kong: Cocktails at Ritz Carlton + Victoria Peaks

I’m usually not that amazed by the views from skycrapers, but I must admit HK offers some really good panoramic views from both the Victoria Peaks and from Ozone, the Ritz Carlton’s 113th floor bar-terrace. What makes it so incredible maybe is the fact that there are just sooo many skycrappers, and many of them have illumination shows going on all night long.

2015-07-05 19.04.04

I went to Ozone with my friend Sonia, her husband (they just married last month!) and her brother. We first had to take a taxi to get to the hotel, since the subway was closed by then. We got on a lift to the floor 103, which is where the front desk is, and then bought tickets to go up another elevator. The ticket costs HKD 150, but serves as a coupon to buy drinks up there. The elevator is really cool, with black leather mosaics against mirrors.

HK cocktails

Ozone is the tallest bar in the world, and it looks amazing with its modern look, mostly blue and purple, and with a big terrace. The terrace is mostly covered to avoid accidents, but you can still see the skyline clearly from there. We got ourselves some drinks whose names I fail to remember, but I do remember Sonia got a cocktail with chilli in it, so it was spicy. Mine was sweet, with several fruits inside. My drink was exactly HKD150 (almost $20), but oh surprise! + 10% service, so HKD165. Not a cheap drink, but quite worth it for the feeling of being so high above with good friends having a nice and classy chat.

The next day in the late afternoon we decided to go to Victoria Peaks. We arrived there at 7pm, which is something I regret. There was a huge mass of people and the waiting line was endless! It took more than an hour to get on the tram, standing still and with little to none A/C. But anyway, we got on the first few rows of the tram, only to discover we couldn’t see much because it had become dark already. We got off at the top of the tram and walked inside a small mall towards the top, where you have the observatory. We bought tickets downstaris that combined both ways of tram plus the entrance to the observatory for HKD83 (almost $11).


There was a lot of people up in the Sky Terrace 428, but we still managed to get a spot and take lots of pictures together. The views were stunning. Pictures don’t make justice as it was already night and we were using a Note 2. I really need to get a camera…


After the visit, we decided to go back down in the tram but… the line was even longer than before! we calculated it would take more than an hour, and we hadn’t had dinner yet, so we just went to one of the restaurants at the building (a pizza restaurant) and ate there. Overpriced for the quality, but hey you’re on top of Victoria Peak!


In all, I’d recommend to go to Victoria Peak early in the morning and then to the Ozone bar (Ritz Carlton) at night. That way you will get both views, and at least have nice pictures of the panorama.

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