Hong Kong

Hong Kong: Dimsum and other yummy foods

Most people go to Hong Kong either for shopping or for eating. I wasn’t eager of any of these, since I’m not a big fan of seafood nor dimsum. I had to give dimsun another chance though, as I had only tried it in Spain, and I’m glad I did! It was delicious!

20150705_113021I went to eat dimsum with two Chinese and a Vietnamese. I let them order as they wished, as long as we had chashao bao (BBQ pork buns that taste sweet). I can’t even name most of the things we had but here is a collage:

dimsunThere was a jelly-ish thing with some fruits inside that are suposedly very good for women, and the Chinese girl told me to eat most of it with her. The long thing was kind of crunchy and oily inside, but really delicious. The dumplings with shrimp had the whole shrimp inside, rather than minced, which was also good. We got fried chashao buns besides the normal ones, a spongey bread, and the chicken feet that I did not try.

2015-07-05 10.18.01The whole meal costed us around $10 per person, which is not bad at all compared to what I had been spending on foreign food the day before. After eating, chatting, and resting, I ventured out again and ate a second meal. This time I ate something I knew I liked: duck!

duckThe Hongkongnese roasted duck is really tasty, different from Peking duck, but also much cheaper. You usually order a plate of “gaifan” or rice topped with something. It is a cheap meal, I paid HKD44 for it (less than $6). Here in HK you have to pay for a glass of water, unlike what I’m used to in South Korea.


I think I went to a quite touristy restaurant, where a waitress welcomes you with a “hello, here here” and the menus are full of pictures. But well, I’m a tourist so it’s good. After my 2nd lunch I went for a walk and ended up in a mall with an Asian foodcourt. I immediately regreted having eaten my 2nd lunch already because I saw a lot of things I wanted to try in the foodcourt. It’s OK, I’d come back later, I thought to myself.

vietnamese pho counterAsian malls usually have a food court at the basement floor, with lots of cheap eats. I saw a Vietnamese Pho counter, a Taiwanese food counter, Japanese Teppanyaki, Korean, etc. I was quite full so I got myself a bubble tea with no sugar that tasted rather strong. When I returned for dinner I chose Taiwanese rice topped with minced meat and fried gyoza.

PicsArt_1437055027888I don’t think I’ll be coming back to HK as I’m not a shopaholic, but food was good and I’d love to see some good (and cheap) dimsum place is Seoul!

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