Muay Thai lesson for foreigners and travelers

Final post about Thailand! We’ve done so many things in a week and it took me so long to wrote about our trip!! So today I’m going to keep it really short, a picture is worth a 1000 words anyway 🙂

My friend Santi had attended some Muay Thai lessons before, so he took us to try it out. I was at first going to try it, but after listening to how hard it was and being too tired from the trip, I decided to skip and let the guys have a man-time.

Collage Muaytai

The gym is called Santai and it might be a bit out of the city center, but I said it is a gym for foreigners and tourist visitors because half of the people training there that day were foreigners, they have a website in English, and they offer either monthly fees or one-time fees.

Kru Apple was the name of Victor’s and Santi’s instructor for the session. He was really energetic, smiling all the time, and kind of teasing them. He was fun to watch and taught Victor a couple kicks and moves~

Price 1 day training was 500 baht ($14), check their website for full price listing. If you’re serious about Muay Thai, you can also get a package with accommodation. They even have a pick up service from anywhere in Chiang Mai for 500 baht!


Victor and Santi had a complete work out and a lot of fun! So if you are ever in Chiang Mai and would like to try Muay Thai, either for 1 time or for 1 month, make sure to check the Santai Gym! 🙂


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