Mimi Yu is traveling in Thailand!

Wow, it’s been a long time of silence from my side~ I’ve been busy with several things. I had to rush home for an emergency, then I got a very busy week at work, and now I’m going to Thailand for Chuseok! (Chuseok is the Korean autumn festival, so we get a couple days off… Continue reading Mimi Yu is traveling in Thailand!


Eating in Suwon & Bundang

Liebe Mainz Imbiss: German food in Suwon! (리베마인츠)

*Update on the opening hours* I was wandering around Yeongtong on a Sunday afternoon, looking for a place to eat with not much success, as the area is lively at night time only. Then I saw an interesting sign. It said “Liebe Mainz Imbiss” (리베마인츠), and I was surprised to see German on the streets… Continue reading Liebe Mainz Imbiss: German food in Suwon! (리베마인츠)

Eating in Suwon & Bundang

Where to eat Lamb skewers in Mangpo (and Seoul)

When I was in China I used to stay up late with my friends, and when we started to get hungry, we would just go outside and find a small lamb skewer stand and eat lots of them for very little money. I had never eaten them again after leaving Beijing, so when I saw Korea has a lot of these places, I couldn’t be happier. Is not that the lamb skewers are a delicacy, but I feel comforted when I eat them 🙂

Life in Korea & Tips

Digging into Daum Maps

Hello! A few weeks after the original post explaining briefly what Daum Maps and Naver Maps are, I saw that someone wanted to know more about how to use these fantastic map services, and since I myself was no expert, I decided to spend a couple hours creating an account for DAUM, trying out all the features they offer, and translating anything I didn’t understand. This post today is a more in-detail explanation of what Daum Maps is, and how can we use it to its best. Read on, I promise you will learn new things!

Outdoor activities

Mallipo Beach full day trip: swim, SUP, eat and watch the sunset with us!

Originally posted on Hippie Korea:
Hey Hippies! Last weekend we went to the Beach again! Why? Because it’s summer ^^ And because this beach, Mallipo (만리포) in Taean county, has so much to offer!~ Check out the pictures we took that day! The bus ride usually takes 2h, although we are in peak season, so…