Eating in Suwon & Bundang

Shabushi: Shabu shabu + sushi all-you-can-eat

Hey, it’s been a while since my last review, but I just finished my last post about my trip to Thailand, so I’m back for a brief time! I wanted to start with a review of a place I discovered just recently: Shabushi, an all-you-can-eat restaurant with shabu shabu and sushi. This will be a… Continue reading Shabushi: Shabu shabu + sushi all-you-can-eat


Eating in Suwon & Bundang

Liebe Mainz Imbiss: German food in Suwon! (리베마인츠)

*Update on the opening hours* I was wandering around Yeongtong on a Sunday afternoon, looking for a place to eat with not much success, as the area is lively at night time only. Then I saw an interesting sign. It said “Liebe Mainz Imbiss” (리베마인츠), and I was surprised to see German on the streets… Continue reading Liebe Mainz Imbiss: German food in Suwon! (리베마인츠)

Eating in Suwon & Bundang

Where to eat Lamb skewers in Mangpo (and Seoul)

When I was in China I used to stay up late with my friends, and when we started to get hungry, we would just go outside and find a small lamb skewer stand and eat lots of them for very little money. I had never eaten them again after leaving Beijing, so when I saw Korea has a lot of these places, I couldn’t be happier. Is not that the lamb skewers are a delicacy, but I feel comforted when I eat them 🙂

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Din Tai Fung: best xiaolongbao & beef noddle soup chain 鼎泰豐

Dintaifung is possibly one of my favorite restaurants. If you know Chinese food you will know what I mean, there’s nothing in common between the strong garlic taste in some North areas, the spiciness of Sichuan, or the mild and sweet but very savory food from the South. I love this place because their xiaolongbao are just irresistible, and so are their beef noodle soup and fried rice with pork. My family came partially from Taiwan, partially from the South of China, and so our taste for Chinese food tends to sweet.

Eating in Suwon & Bundang

Boyeong Mandu: finally a Mandu place I enjoy in Korea!

I am picky with food, and when I first arrived to Korea and tried the jjinmandu (equivalent to Chinese Shuijiao, or dumpings) I got quite disgusted. I gave it a second and a third try, since I like my dad’s dumplings a lot, but it was just failure after failure.
Finally, a Chinese colleague told me about this Korean popular chain that serves dumplings similar to those in China, and I loved it!!!