A roadtrip in the North of Thailand: hotsprings, the King, and Johnny Depp

After a very intense day in Chiang Mai, it was time to chill and enjoy nature. The best way to enjoy Thailand’s national parks and nice scenery is by car, but I wouldn’t recommend doing that without the guide of a local or a long-term visitor. We met in Chiang Mai with one of my childhood… Continue reading A roadtrip in the North of Thailand: hotsprings, the King, and Johnny Depp



Tigers in Chiang Mai: Tiger Kingdom

When I thought of Thailand, the first things that came to my mind were Tigers, Elephants, and Muay Thai. So it was among our plans to experience a bit of each. To see tigers and take pictures next to them, we went to Tiger Kingdom, and to experience Muay Thai, we went to a class in a specialized gym. Both experiences were great because they were really different from other things we did and made the trip more special. Read on to see the pictures! 😀


Bangkok II: Terminal 21, Middle East Street & Phallic Shrine

Bangkok is very hectic and has a lot to offer. While the first few days we experienced the historic part and the backpackers party area, the last days were spent near the city centre were malls are the norm. One very famous hidden place around there is the Phallic shrine, which… as you can tell from the name, has a lot of penis figures all around! Check the post for more quirky details~

Hong Kong

Hong Kong: Cocktails at Ritz Carlton + Victoria Peaks

I’m usually not that amazed by the views from skycrapers, but I must admit HK offers some really good panoramic views from both the Victoria Peaks and from Ozone, the Ritz Carlton’s 113th floor bar-terrace. What makes it so incredible maybe is the fact that there are just sooo many skycrappers, and many of them have illumination shows going on all night long.

*TRAVELING* · Spain & Canary Islands

The best way to spend 3 days in Barcelona and see it all!

I lived in Barcelona (or actually Sant Cugat del Valles, very close and well connected to Barcelona) for 5 years while going to college. During that time, I had the chance to explore this marvellous city and also went visiting most of it whenever friends or family visited. Therefore, I am going to present some of the highlights to do and see in Barcelona, starting with a short 3-day visit.