Bangkok II: Terminal 21, Middle East Street & Phallic Shrine

On our second night, we had moved to a different hotel in order to reach Ayutthaya easier. We stayed near Asok station, which is where the mall “Terminal 21” is. The reason I knew about this mall is because there is a “Escape Room” game in Terminal 21, and I had originally planned to try it out. Asok is near Siam, the city centre, and offers both shopping and nightlife experience, although I’m not particularly fond of neither of them.

Once we came back from Ayutthaya, we met our friend Gain at Terminal 21. Gain was an intern in company S at the same time as me, and has gone back to Bangkok to work. It was great to catch up and eat together at the Mall’s food court.

2015-09-29 11.11.12What makes the mall somehow special is its theme. Each floor is inspired in a big city (Rome, Paris, Istanbul, Tokyo, San Francisco…), and even the cleaning and security staff will be wearing different costumes depending on the floor. You need to go through security check-in when you enter the mall (like in an airport), and escalators have signs that also resemble airport gates.

The food court has a wide variety of Thai and Asian food, and it was incredibly cheap for the location. We got a Terminal 21 Food Court card and charged them with 100 baht each ($2,8), then ordered food and drinks.

2015-09-28 18.44.30

We didn’t finish the credit! Afterwards, we decided to go for dessert in a fancier place and found the cutest coffee shop in the mall: Mr.Jones Orphanage. Sure, the name doesn’t sound cute at all, but their theme is Teddy bears, and they have a big Teddy bears with wooden wings on display at the entrance.

2015-09-28 19.09.51

There are also 2 small Teddy bears on each table and around the cafe. And they serve cute desserts, such as the Cookie Monster cupcake!

Once Gain was gone, we went for a walk in the Muslim street. Here we found a Lebanese restaurant we would return to the next day. Overall, this area has a lot of places to eat Halal food in the central areas of Bangkok. I’m very surprised we ended up eating a lot of cuisines we didn’t expect to (Lebanese, Irani, Turkish, etc.)

Our last day in Bangkok had arrived, and before heading to the airport, we decided to visit the Phallic Shrine, as it was not too far from our hotel. Getting a motorbike taxi or a tuk-tuk to go there was much harder than we expected, as they were asking for 100 baht for a 1,5km ride that I wasn’t willing to pay. We ended up taking a taxi, but the traffic is so, so, so horrible in Bangkok’s city centre… never again! Anyway, we got to the Swiss hotel, where the Phallic Shrine is, and it took a while to find it with the help of the hotel staff.

As you see and probably guessed, the Phallic Shrine is devoted to female fertility, and women offer penis (phallic) looking totems to pray for their pregnancy. Interesting? Hehe~

And this was the last days in Bangkok! I’ll be soon posting about the 2nd part of our trip to Thailand: North road trip~ Thanks for reading 🙂




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