Mimi Yu is traveling in Thailand!

Wow, it’s been a long time of silence from my side~ I’ve been busy with several things. I had to rush home for an emergency, then I got a very busy week at work, and now I’m going to Thailand for Chuseok! (Chuseok is the Korean autumn festival, so we get a couple days off and I’m taking some vacation days to combine into a great 9-day trip to Thailand! wohoo!).

I don’t have much to write today, but just wanted to let you know I’ll be silent for at least another 10 days, as I won’t be bringing my laptop to Thailand. I will upload some pictures on this post as I get them, but writing a post from the phone is not convenient at all 😀 so be patient, lot’s of pictures and reviews from Thailand (Bangkok & Chiang Mai) will be coming soon!

And as a Chuseok wish (there’s not such a thing, but I’m inventing it ^^) I wish that I have a great trip and that afterwards I’ll  have time to update my blog! 😀

See you soon, happy holidays!!


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