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Ramen Kiwamaruaji

In my humble opinion, Suwon lacks good places to eat when it comes to foreign food, specially if you are comparing it with Itaewon or Hongdae. However, from time to time I find a nice place that gives me hope about this city. Today I’m introducing Kiwamaruaji, a Japanese-style ramen place that will satisfy your ramen cravings!

Japanese Ramen in Suwon! A friend of ours moved near Ajou University and told us that there was a very small ramen shop that was always busy and that was the best he has ever tried here, so we gave it a chance and visited together.

facadeThe shop is indeed really small, with seats for maybe 15 people and with a constant line (we arrived at 11:40 and had to wait a bit already). Once you tell them how many people you are, they will give you a small cat/dog keychain with your number and the menu. Look through the menu and order your meal when the waiter asks you.

We all went for the ramen. You can personalize it a lot by choosing the degree of thickness of the soup (some people may not be used to the thickest one, but Japanese ramen lovers usually like it). You can add extra meat and different ingredients as well.
After maybe 10 minutes of waiting we got a table for 4. There are also the typical seats at the bar for people who come to eat alone or who just love that style. The decoration of the place is simple but looks quite Japanese. You can see everything that’s going on there, like the cooks cooking and preparing the ramen.
decoAs service, they offer you the usual cold tea, kimchi, and pickled radish.
Our bowls arrived quickly, and they looked beautiful! Noodles, 3 pieces of meat (more generous than most places), an egg that I will talk about soon, soy sprouts, and some seaweed. (Note that I I ordered mine without spring onion.)
ramen noodles
This place takes pride of their eggs, and on their menu they say that, even if you cannot finish the whole bow of ramen, you must eat the egg at least. What’s so special about an egg? They make it like in Japan, all soft and liquid inside! Not only the yolk is liquid, also the egg white is kind of liquid.
El huevo
Opening hours: Everyday from 11:00~22:00
Contact: 031-214-9015;
How to get there: The restaurant is in the Ajou University area. There’s no subway that goes there, but plenty of buses:

Address: Suwon-si, paldal-gu, uman-2-dong 89-11/ 수원시 팔달구 우만2동 89-11
Mimi’s Rating: 9/10 Excellent! (Food: 10, location: 7, price: 10, service: 8)
Comments: Best ramen in Suwon and comparable to the best in Seoul. Definitely worth trying if you live in Suwon!

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