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Liebe Mainz Imbiss: German food in Suwon! (리베마인츠)

*Update on the opening hours*

I was wandering around Yeongtong on a Sunday afternoon, looking for a place to eat with not much success, as the area is lively at night time only. Then I saw an interesting sign. It said “Liebe Mainz Imbiss” (리베마인츠), and I was surprised to see German on the streets in Suwon, besides the occasionaled “Biergarten”. The place was actually closed (Sunday day off), but I took note of it and returned on a Saturday night for some sausage~

German Liebe Mainz Imbiss

The owner of the restaurant makes the sausages himself. He learnt this art when he went to Germany, where he has some family. At his business, you can also buy some sausages to take home if you prefer. All around the place you can see that he really liked Germany. He went to Mainz (the name “Liebe Mainz Imbiss” actually means “Love Mainz Imbiss”, and Imbiss is a type of restaurant that usually serves food to go). There are maps, photos, books in German, small European style houses, etc. Very nicely decorated.


The menu is quite varied, with some German typical dishes (like the sausages), and also non-so typical ones (like tomato pasta). They also have a brunch special (until 6:30pm), serving Hamburger steak, Mainz Brunch and Sweet French toast.

Menu 3 Menu 2

Menu 1

We were 3 people, including a native German to judge the authenticity of the food. We ordered a smoked sausage plate (훈제소세지 or “embutidos” in Spanish, 10,000W) for starters, and then also Bratwurst grilled sausages (구운소세지, 9,000W), Gulasch (9,000W), and Rosti (9,000W). To drink, we ordered some Coke and German Beer (Erdinger, 6,000W).

Erdinger Beer

First came the smoked sausages platter, including 3 types of sausage, some coleslaw, fruits and vegetables to go with some crackers, jam and cream cheese. Out of the 3 sausages there was one that we all liked, 1 that none of us liked too much, and one that was alright. This will depend on your taste. In Germany it is very common to eat these smoked sausages for dinner with a good piece of bread. In Spain we also do that, either for dinner or for big breakfasts on weekends. The owner explained to us how to eat this (even though we knew): get a cracker, add some jam or cream cheese, and then the smoked sausage. Depending on your mix, add a piece of melon or other veggies.

Meat plate with toast Sausages plate closeup

Then came the Goulash, which is a stew~soup of meat and vegetables seasoned with pepper. It is most popular in Hungary, although people in Germany also eat it. This one was clearly targeted at Koreans. It was way too spicy for me to even eat it, due to an overuse of pepper.


The big star were the grilled sausages. The plate comes with 3, perfect for us, and a side of fries. Let’s start with the bad: the fries. What the… they had some strange powder over them. I’ve tried these fries at work and really disliked them. We even asked the owner at the end of our meal, whether it would be possible to just serve regular French fries. But back to the sausages: they were good. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I don’t like any (absolutely any) Korean sausage. But these ones were good~ probably due to the different seasonings. The dish comes with some grilled onions.

Sausage wurst closeup Sausage wurstLast but not least, the Rosti, a Swiss dish consisting on fried potatoes. They sell this in IKEA too! Anyway, the one we ate here was not very authentic German, as my friend recalls, but I loved it! Just look at the pictures~ Fried potatoes with cheese and a sunny side egg. YES! The egg right how I like it. Why do Koreans always cook it until the yolk is completely dry? The rosti had a bit too much cheese, but overall I liked it and would order it again.

Rosti platter Rosti plate

As I said before, you can buy the meat to go and cook it at home. A pack of 3 sausages is W6,500 (restaurant: W9,000 with ‘fries” and onion). As for the smoked meat, you can get a mixed package for W15,000 (restaurant: W10,000 but less quantity), or separate (too bad I don’t remember which ones I liked…)

Meat take outI really liked the place. It wasn’t the best foreign food I’ve tried in Suwon, but it’s definitely doing well. The prices are fair, and the service is really attentive and nice (specially since we told them one of us was German). I’ll be going back soon and hopefully update this post with more useful information!

Opening hours: Weekdays 11:30~midnight
Saturdays 11:00~ midnight (closed on 2nd & 4th Sunday, and early close at 3pm on the other Sundays)
Contact: 031-8004-7777
How to get there Yeongtong stn (Bundang line – yellow) exit #1 or Cheongmyeon stn (Bundang line – yellow) exit #3
Address: Yeongtong-dong 996-4/ 경기도 수원시 영통구 영통동 996-4
Mimi’s Rating: 9/10 (Food: 8, location: 8, price: 10, service: 10)
Comments: Nice find! I hope this place last here at least as long as I live in Yeongtong ^^ Cheap foreign food made fresh with love. Attentive owner who wants to make people learn about Mainz, with which he fell in love.

Here you see the map. If you come from Yeongtong station exit 1 (Homeplus), you walk straight, passing the bridge, and turn right on the street were the post office is. In the first block after turning, you should see a big cafe (not 100% sure but I think it was a Cafe bene), and next to it, the German restaurant.


4 thoughts on “Liebe Mainz Imbiss: German food in Suwon! (리베마인츠)

    1. Hi! Well, that depends on how well you know Yeongtng. If you know it, it’s really easy to find. If you’re not from Suwon, it is still fairly easy (you can see it from the outside). I will add a map image on the post so you can see the approx location 🙂


      1. It is either yeongtong station or Cheongmyeon station. I think it is easier to find from yeongtong station because it is more famous. just follow the map I put on the post (at the very end). I hope you find it well 🙂 Remember sundays they close!


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