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Where to eat Lamb skewers in Mangpo (and Seoul)

When I was in China I used to stay up late with my friends, and when we started to get hungry, we would just go outside and find a small lamb skewer stand and eat lots of them for very little money. I had never eaten them again after leaving Beijing, so when I saw Korea has a lot of these places, I couldn’t be happier. Is not that the lamb skewers are a delicacy, but I feel comforted when I eat them 🙂

Where to eat lamb skewers in Korea? Lamb Skewers place can be easily spotted once you learn this hanja (Chinese character): 串. What’s funny is that it does indeed look like a skewer! I’ve seen plenty of these places at Sinnonhyeon back streets, around Konkuk University, and also… in Suwon! I have been to a couple lamb skewers places lately, and I’d like to share the information with you guys. If you never tried it, I recommend you to try! Lamb meat is very delicious, with a unique taste that cannot be confused with any other meat!

lamb skewer symbolToday I am writing a review of a specific place. It is located next to mangpo station, on the street with all the small restaurants. The restaurant is located on the second floor, and every time I’ve been there it looked a bit empty (although I always go on off-times for lunch or dinner). The place is big, with many tables and simple decoration.

deco bottlesThey have the special machine to cook lamb skewers that I like so much. You can put up to 10 skewers at a time and they will roll over and over, ensuring they cooked everywhere. You usually get a plate with a spice mix that is not too spicy (I can take it), but really delicious. In China, most of the times, the skewers would come already with the mix. I like this better here, as you can choose how much to put.

lamb skewers and spiceeMake sure you have put the skwers correctly, or they won’t move. Refer to these two pictures:

howtocookOnce the meat is well cooked, you can place all of the skwers on the upper part, to avoid overcooking or burning. Meanwhile, grab the first one and start enjoying!

lamb skewerd preparedPut the skewer on your plate next to the spice, and sprinkle some on the meat. Try with a little bit first, and if you like it, put more :p

lamb enjoyThe skewers in Korea usually cost W10,000 for 10. Minimum order ranges between 10 and 20, so it’s better to go accompanied, and if you want to try more Chinese food besides the skewers, go in a group. This place I visited seems to be quite genuinely Chinese, and the waitress and cook both spoke good Chinese.

Here you can see the menu. They have lots of pages~ Click on a picture to enlarge it.

lambmenu1 lambmenu2

Another item on the menu that took our attention was the lamb leg set.

menu special deal

Opening hours: Everyday from 12 to 12 (aprox)
Contact: 031-205-2333
How to get there: Mangpo station (bundang line, yellow) exit #8. Turn left into the inner street and then right. This restaurant is in the building next to the misoya.
Address: Suwon-si, yeongtong-gu, yeongtong-dong 974-9 (2nd floor)/ 수원시 영통구 영통동 974-9 (click here to see on Daum maps:
Mimi’s Rating: 7,5/10 (Food: 8, location: 8, price: 9, service: 6)

lamb skewers resto


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