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Mallipo Beach full day trip: swim, SUP, eat and watch the sunset with us!

It’s funny how I value a day at the beach much more now than when I used to live in the Canary Islands 🙂
I had a fun day walking on the sand in search for sea life, being pushed and pulled by the waves, and drinking a cool lemonade while waiting for the sun to set.

Gran dia en la playa caminando por la arena en busca de vida marina, siendo empujada por las olas, y tomando una limonada bien fresquita mientras esperabamos al atardecer.
Es gracioso lo mucho que valoro la playa ahora que no la tengo cerca!

Hippie Korea

Hey Hippies!

Last weekend we went to the Beach again! Why? Because it’s summer ^^ And because this beach, Mallipo (만리포) in Taean county, has so much to offer!~ Check out the pictures we took that day!

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