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Coco Bruni: a place for chocolate lovers, or just lovers in general.

Coco Bruni is a coffee shop chain that I have seen in the more classy neighborhoods like Bundang or garosu-gil, and I had been told it is frequented mostly by couples on a date or young girls on a girls outing. When I stepped inside a Coco Bruni this weekend for the first time, I immediately understood why: super soft, feminine, dreamy decoration. The branch I visited was mostly white and black, very elegant, and with a lot of decoration details that made me feel good just by being there.
2015-08-15 14.30.06

There were small tables and big tables, which was perfect for my group of friends because we went there to play some board games and give a surprise birthday party to one of us ^^ The placing of the tables is very generous, so you don’t feel cramped in the café at all.2015-08-15 14.32.41Coco Bruni serves coffee, tea, ades and chocolates. They also sell chocolate bonbons and a good assortment of cakes (although mostly chocolate cakes). The cakes are rather on the pricey side, but we got this small chocolate cake (gateau chocolat) for 30,000W and shared it among 6 people. It was more than enough.

2015-08-15 14.31.05 2015-08-15 14.31.00

Prices for cakes are mostly between 30,000 and 40,000, and portions from 5,500 to 6,300. The small cake we bought would be enough for 6~8 people, so other cakes that look bigger should be up to 10 people. Not cheap, but well matched with the quality.2015-08-15 14.30.57 I wanted to try some of the hot chocolates, but knowing that we were getting a chocolate cake later on, I decided to not order a sweet drink. The bday boy, ignorant of the situation, ordered a sweet caramel drink. I saw a chocolate that comes with peanut and marshmallows on top, which looks like something one would like in the winter. They also had ice cream, and the one that caught my attention was the chocolate one with salt, similar to that from Ghirardelli’s. 2015-08-15 14.36.16

Prices are a bit higher than average, I would say, with most chocolates at around 7,000W. The place has nice seating, plenty of plugs, and free wi-fi, so a bit pricey but maybe a good candidate for a winter-time study session.

Anyway, back to our chocolate cake! It looked really cute and super chocolatey (which is good).

2015-08-15 15.47.28

2015-08-15 15.47.24

The cake was absolutely delicious, as you can already appreciate on the pictures. Very thick chocolate that made it hard to eat too much of it. It has fresh fruits on top that vary depending on the season, and a chocolate with their cute logo of a girl riding a huge bird.gateau chocolat

And here am I with my friend Jonas. We were playing a card board game by the time the cake arrived. We were doing signs to each other to decide when yo sing and reveal the cake, but he thought we were plotting to kill him in the game x) So I guess it worked great, he didn’t suspect until the very last moment!

Is it my birthday
jonas bdaycake Looks like it was MY birthday xD
Explaining dominant species
After eating the cake we played a very complex game called Dominant Species~ At least it looks really cool!

Info about the Daechi-dong branch:

Opening hours: Weekdays from 10~23; Weekends from 11~23
Contact: / 02-565-1875
How to get there: Seollung station (bundang line – yellow; or line 2 – green) exit 3. Walk straight and you will see it.
Address: 425 seolleung-ro, gangnam-gu, seoul-si/ 서울시 강남구 선릉로 425
Mimi’s Rating: Chocolate cake: 9/10 (Food: 10, atmosphere: 10, price: 7, service: 9)
Comments: A bit pricey, but not bad if you are splitting the cost. Really thick chocolate, only for chocolate lovers. Lovely place to spend an afternoon with friends.
Happy birthday
tillykke med fødselsdagen!!

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