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The most refreshing Bingsu

The most refreshing Bingsu must be the melon bingsu! I had seen it at a subterranean café in Mangpo station since March, but it wasn’t until this summer that I finally tried it. We went there after eating sushi at Dau Sushi, which is also near the subway station. The café that serves this Bingsu is called Cafe Metro, and it is located underground, next to the subway station exit 3. It is also called Cafe Chu and sells churros, which is why we usually frequent this place and got to know the melon bingsu.

cafe metro churro chu
Aw, too bright! My eyes! ><

cafe metro1

Their signature must be both the churros and the melon bingsu. They have many melon boxes piled up outside of the café! I guess they are empty~

cafe metro melons
You can tell they sell a lot of melon bingsu…

The place is mostly frequented by young students from the nearby schools having a break from their hagwons, but there are also sometimes some groups of older ladies having their mid-week snack with their friends, gossiping over a plate of hot churros and chocolate.

cafe metro2The decoration is simple, but the place clearly aims for an European look.

cafe metro3

They have 2 separate stamps member cards, one for the coffee and one for the bingsu. And people usually just leave their cards there. This place seems to have good business!

cafe metro4

To the point, we passed by and saw people eating the melon bingsu several times, but never stopped by because we thought the bingsu was too big to be finished between the 2 of us. However, that day we were on a “date” and the sushi didn’t fill us up much, so we decided to finally go for it. We ordered a melon bingsu for W13,900 and waited while it was being prepared 🙂

melon bingsu
Our bingsu over time

We took a lot of pictures of the bingsu, every few bites to show the progress, haha~ It was really delicious! The ice had some milk on it to make it tastier, and the melon was very fresh. This bingsu even felt super healthy! I mean… it’s basically a lot of melon, ice, milk, and ok… a ball of vanilla ice cream and a bit of sweetened red beans. But I still think this is healthier than your average Bingsu ^^eating bingsu

We could definitely not finish this bingsu. It is good for a dessert for 3 people, but definitely too much for the 2 of us! However, we have seen a group of 4 small girls (middle or high school) eating a bingsu, and then ordering a second one. Korean girls certainly can eat sweets!

If you haven’t tried melon bingsu (and like melon), you should definitely give it a chance! You can try this one from my pictures at Cafe metro/cafe chu in Mangpo station. Information below, as usual 🙂

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday.. need to check!
Contact: 031-353-1199
How to get there: Mangpo Station, Bundang line (yellow) exit#3. Don’t exit the station, this is underground, next to the Lotte supermarket!
Address: 195 yeongtong-ro, yeongtong-gu, suwon-si/ 수원시 영통구 영통로 195 (B-108)
Mimi’s Rating: Bingsu: 8/10 (Food: 10, location: 10, price: 6, service: 7)
Comments: A bit pricey, but not bad if you share between 3. Fresh melon and good combination of flavor.

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