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Dau Sushi: rotatory sushi resto in Mangpo station

Although I don’t like sushi (not a fan of fish), Victor enjoys it very much, so we had to try some of the sushi places in the neighborhood at some point. We saw this place called Dau Sushi, very close to Mangpo Station, and decided to give it a try.

Street View~
More street view

The restaurant is pretty easy to spot from the outside and it is located on the second floor. You will see plenty of signs in Korean: 다우스시. We went for dinner time, and we saw the have some lunch sets that looks like a good deal, so if you work nearby you could check that out.


Once you go in you will see several tables that are facing/ next to the rotatory sushi line, but there are also some seats in a private room for bigger parties. In any case, I think the waiter will bring you the sushi, or at least that’s what happened when we went for dinner on a non-busy day.

Nicely decorated
Nicely decorated

As you sit down, you will get soup (service) and see the soy, wasabi, and other condiments.

20150721_185454 20150721_185429

Their menu is full of pictures, so you won’t have much trouble ordering. In addition, you can also order by looking at the sample sushi that goes on the rotatory sushi line. Prices com under each item. If you guide yourself through the color of the plates: yellow – 1,500W, red – 2,400W, green – 2,900W, orange -3,500W, blue&gold – 4,200W.

20150721_185515 20150721_185502

If you don’t like sushi (like me) you can opt for other things like skewers or takoyaki (which I also don’t like). I didn’t order the skewers because I wasn’t that hungry and the price was 13,900W for a plate (or 2,900W per piece), which I found a bit expensive.


We ordered salmon and tuna for Victor, and egg (tamagoyaki) and cooked shrimp for me. We also got the chicken karaage (fried chicken) but this was a big deception.

20150721_190436Victor likes salmon and tuna a lot, but tuna is quite expensive (4,200W for 2) so he got lots of salmon instead (2,400W for 2). Mine were both yellow, so 1,500W for 2 pieces.

20150721_191005Here’s the tuna. There were actually many different types with according prices, we got the normal one. Not quite sure what the difference was, but you can see the pictures and prices in the menu photo above.


This chicken tasted nothing like all the other Chicken karaage I had tried in Japan or even in Spain… it was too fried and didn’t have any lemon flavor, but rather a weird sauce over it. Never taking this again (3,500W for a very tiny plate).

20150721_191454We ended up eating really little. The yellow and orange plates are mine (W6,500) and the red and blue ones are from Victor (W11,400). And yes, that seems to be Felix the Cat… randomly appearing under our chicken karaage bowl.


One more thing! Since our Korean is limited, we weren’t very sure of what to do. We thought we could just take anything that looked good to us from the rotatory sushi line. We saw this sign above the line, but didn’t really bother to translate it at the time. I think it says that you should not play with the rotatory rail, as it may lead to accidents… and do not lift the lid?? It’s still hard to understand but anyway! We took some plates from the rail line and noticed there was scotch tape on it… found it weird and hard to open…and when we opened it we realized it was fake food!

Notice the scotch tape
This one doesn’t have scotch tape, this one is edible. Whether you can just take it from the rail or not… I’m not so sure, since we got all our dishes served on our table
More fake food, although this one is clearer because of the note~

In general, this place didn’t surprise us much. We went with low expectations and it was just OK. OK for a day when Victor really feels like eating Sushi. Otherwise, skip. He thought it wasn’t Japanese enough, although if you like Korean style Japanese sushi, this place might be for you.


As always, the info about this place:

Opening hours: Everyday from 11:30 to 22:00
Contact: 031-206-2270 / Facebook
How to get there: Mangpo station, Bundang line (yellow) exit #5. Walk out of the exit, cross the small street right in front of you and look left.
978-8 Yeongtong-dong, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do/ 영통구 영통2동 978-8 2층 다우스시
Mimi’s Rating: 6/10 (Food: 6, location: 7, price: 6, service: 6)
Comments: Not much to write about, I found it to be a normal sushi restaurant, but we’ve been looking for one for a while, and Mangpo doesn’t have many places to eat at~ so I decided to write about this place. If you like sushi but are not a strict Japanese-style-only sushi lover, you can go try it. Nothing was wrong, it just didn’t surprise us either.

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