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A Turkish experience in Itaewon!!

Itaewon is definitely my favorite neighborhood for eating. It is where most of the foreign restaurants pop out, mainly because a lot of foreigners live in that area. It takes me a good while to get there from Suwon, so when one of our friends said he was celebrating his birthday with a dinner in Itaewon, we decided to take the bus and arrive 5h before and have lunch there as well. This time, I was craving something with spices, something Arabic or Turkish or African. Actually our first choice had been Sinbad’s Ethiopian Cuisine, but they had a big reservation at lunch time and we decided to skip for this time. Instead, we decided to go eat Turkish food!

ovensWhen we stepped down the bus, it was pouring, so we ran towards the subway exit 3, where we knew were some of the kebab places. We entered Pasha, as it had several seats (around 10) and we were too soaked to look around. As you enter, you see the ovens and some kebab meats hanging up. On top of the counter, you will see some samples of the food you can order (I guess they’re made of plastic?)

show dishes

The big puffy bread looks very intriguing, but that day I really wanted to eat a Kebab. For Victor, we decided to get the Lukman Kebab that we had previously tried in a Turkish restaurant, and that came in a sword. Since the Pasha we went to is more of a fast food, this time it came with no sword, but besides that, it looked fairly similar (and half the price).kebapOn the picture you can see the kebab from the inside. The kebab came in a wrap, which is how you usually find it here (sadly). In Spain I’d always had it with a pita bread like this:

I prefer it much better with the pita bread, as it is fulfilling. But anyway, the meat inside the roll kebab was tasty. I got the mix kebab (W7,000) which comes with chicken and lamb meat. Ask for no onions. It was good, but not memorable, and the price is more expensive than in the fast food chains in Spain (and I wasn’t completely full after finishing it).

lukmar kebab

The lukman Kebab was good, although it looks a bit burnt. It comes with meat, cheese, pepper and mushroom, as well as a side of plain rice, yogurt sauce, salad and veggies. For 10,900W, it was really good and warm, perfect for the rainy day. The meat is very well spiced (in my limited knowledge on Turkish food), and this dish is much easier to eat than the kebab.
decorationThe place is run by Turkish people (or that’s what they told me), and it is decorated with several images and pictures of Turkey, giving the otherwise boring dining room some atmosphere. If you want a more classy meal, or if you’re bringing a date, you can maybe try the restaurants instead of the fast food place. They’re run by the same people, but the food will be more expensive for the same quality.

kervan bklava

After lunch, we went for some baklava, the Turkish sweet pastry that usually comes with pistacchio. I first tried these in Turkey, and never saw them again until I got to South Korea, who would have told me that? There are several pastry shops in Itaewon, curiously it seems like every Turkish restaurant has its own Kebab/ fast food place and its own baklava/ dessert place. We went to the Kervan one, near the Itaewon station, along the main road. kervan cardThere are many different pastries and set menus. Most of them are so sweet, you’d better have a tea together to balance the flavors.  You can also check all the pastries at the counter, if you’d rather order by the eye 🙂 We got a small box of combined baklava that came with some chocolate flavored ones and some pistacchio ones.
kervan menus

We also ordered a tea that came in a cute crystal cup for just an extra W500. Then we sat down there for an hour, wearing a small fez hat that was at our table and taking some pictures.kervan partryEven though it was a rainy and heavy day, we (and our stomachs) had a lot of fun. We talked about my trip to Istanbul, in Turkey, already 6 years back. We want to go back there to visit some time soon, it is a beautiful city full of flavors! Thank you Itaewon for transporting me back 🙂

Memories from our trip t Turkey in 2009
Memories from our trip t Turkey in 2009

PASHA kebab house:

Opening hours: 11:30~22:30
Contact: 02-766-8445
How to get there: Itaewon, subway line 6 (brown) exit #3. Walk time to destination
Address: 188-1, Itaewon-ro, Seoul, South Korea/ 서울특별시 용산구 이태원로 188-1
Mimi’s Rating: 7/10 (Food: 7, location: 8, price: 7, service: 6)
Plus: Food was decent, will give it another try. Price is cheaper than the restaurants, but still expensive for a fast food. Right next to Itaewon station exit 3, but there’s a lot of other Turkish chains there, that I’ll try next time.
Memories from our trip t Turkey in 2009
Memories from our trip t Turkey in 2009

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