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Brick Oven New York Pizzeria

Last weekend we had the Farewell for the first friend from our French Toast (foreign group) leaving Korea. We’ve been together in this country and in company S for a year and a half already, but we weren’t expecting any of us leaving so soon. Plus he’s Korean so for some reason we just thought he’d be the last one standing. But well he’s leaving to do an MBA in a top school in the US, so Congrats! And have a lot of fun and learn even more there~ don’t miss us too much!

1. brick oven pizzeriwAnyway, for the farewell we went to Brick Oven New York Pizzeria in Gangnam and had a lot of pizza, catched up, as our busy lives now keep us apart for long periods, and took some “last pictures” all togehter. Brick Oven New York Pizzeria is in the busy foreign restaurant area of Gangnam, near exit 11. You walk straight until you see the CGV (or the road up that’s very diagonal) and walk uphill until you pass most of the crowds. It will be on your left.

2. painted wallThe restaurant is on a second floor, and with a lot of seats. They have some long tables that can easily accommodate groups of 15 people or more. We were 19, so we had to squeeze a bit. The staff speaks English (most of them seem to be foreigners) and are really helpful. It’s really nice to be able to communicate with the staff, and I don’t mean just because of the language, but also because of the culture. Similarly to Pangyo Craftworks, the staff knows how to separate bills equally without giving you a weird look. The decoration is cool, with a lot of references to New York.

3.customers toilet

Regarding the food, we got 5 big pizzas (each is for 4~5 people), some plates of fries, and lemonades/sangrias/ice teas. Pizzas come also in a smaller size for 2 people, and they have 16 variatios. Besides pizzas, you can also get pasta, salads and appetizers.

4. menuIf I’m not wrong we ordered A14. White Pie (Gorgonzola, Ricotta, Romano, Mozarella Cheese and Garlic Sauce), A8. BBQ Hawaiian (grilled chicken, ham, bacon, onions, Cheddar, pineapple, Mozarella and BBQ sauce), A7. Prosciutto (Prosciutto ham, basil, tomatoes, EVOO, Mozarella and Garlic Sauce), A5. Vegetarian (bell peppers, mushrooms, onion, olives, tomatoes, garlic, Mozarella and pizza sauce) and A2. Pepperoni (Pepperoni, Mozarella and pizza sauce).

5. whole pizzaThe pizza is thin crusted, very crunchy (and therefore hard to eat with knife and fork) and with plenty of toppings. Many of the pizzas came with Garlic sauce, which is something I didn’t appreciate. For example the White Pie was a good candidate (lots of cheese) but as soon as I tried it, I passed it to Victor. Too garlicky. If you didn’t know, I have a problem with garlic. Many times if I eat food with a strong garlic taste, I’ll get a headache short afterwards. Plus it also revolves my stomach a bit. So I try to avoid garlic as much as I can, which is hard in Korea.

6. white pie and lemonadeThe vegetarian was good, very tasty, but I just ate a bit of it, saving stomach for the rest. I also tried the prosciutto ham (only the ham) because I saw that pizza had Garlic sauce as well. The ham was really salty and a bit overcooked, so I didn’t think this one would be good.

7. veggie sliceMy favorites were Pepperoni and BBQ Hawaiian. Let me start by the BBQ Hawaiian. When I was home, we would usually order pizza from one of the fast food pizza chains, and we’d usually get a 2×1 discount (on weekdays). I always always chose a BBQ pizza with a free Hawaiian pizza. So when I saw on the menu they combined both in one, I thought: GENIOUS. I liked this pizza a lot more than the white pie, vegetarian, or prosciutto.

8. hawaiian bbq slicePepperoni is a classic for NY pizza, but it came last (well we ordered it last when 4 pizzas weren’t enough for the group) so half of it was left over. I took some of the left over pizza home because I just happen to like pizza more on the 2nd morning, and after baking it for a few minutes, it was extremely delicious. For my taste, better than fresh. But I’m a bit weird sometimes, I’m sure you will like it more at the restaurant.

9. pepperoniWe could not finish our 5th pizza, so we asked to take away the other half of the Pepperoni. We then had a cake from BR (we also celebrated a member’s gf’ birthday, two birds in one stone, you know) and Baklava desserts from UAE that one of our friends brought from home.

10. baklavaIf we were already full with the pizzas and fries, imagine after the desserts. The staff gave us new plates (19 plates) for the dessert and we then paid W15,000 each (5 big pizzas, 5 plates of fries, and several drinks). Price-wise, I was happily surprised it wasn’t going to be W20,000 like I thought. Also, if you pay with cash, every W37,000 they will give you a t-shirt from Brick Oven New York Pizzeria. Not sure if this is a permanent thing or a limited time promotion. Here’s me with my t-shirt.

Brick oven tshirt


Info here, as usual:

Opening hours: 11:30~22:30 (Fri & Sat ~23:00)
Contact: 02-508-1325
How to get there: Gangnam station lines 3 (green) and shinbundang (red) exit #11. Walk straight until CGV (diagonal street up) and turn right, go uphill. The restaurant will be on your left.

Sinnonhyeon station line 9 exit #5

Address: 617-4 Yeoksam 1(il)-dong, Gangnam-gu/ 강남구 역삼동 617-4 (2층)
Mimi’s Rating: 7,5/10 (Food: 7, location: 8, price: 6, service: 10)
Plus: Great service, food is OK, not my style of pizza though. Located in the busy are of Gangnam. Prices better when you’re a group of 4 or more.

brick oven pizza


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