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100 Days of Blogging & the 100 Day date in Korea

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Wow~ today July 25th it’s been exactly 100 days since I started my first blog post here on WordPress! I realized this a week ago when I was talking to Victor about it, and a short conversation lead to me posting a special blog post on this day:

Mimi: waa I just also realized my blog is soon gonna be 3 months old! 
Victor: Yay almost 100 days! xD 백일축하 
‎Mimi: lol should i celebrate its 3months or its 100 days?
‎‎Victor: it’ll be more korean if 100 days lol. 100 day blog post about… romance in korea!
‎Mimi: I love the way you think! ❤ 

I liked what he said a lot, and we decided to write a post together, celebrating the 100 days of my blog talking about the importance of “100 days” in Korea.

Love Relationships in Korea: 100 Days Celebration

Mimi: Korean love-relationships are somehow different from what we’re used to in Spain or in the US. One of the main differences is how the man pays for most things (dinners, gifts, etc.). Companies and merchants know that guys are under pressure to get nice gifts for their girlfriends in order to make a good impression, so they take any chance to sell more overpriced small gifts.

Victor: Yeah, you might know this as “going Dutch,” or going on a “Dutch date,” for eating at restaurants or cafes. This is a pretty old tradition that’s related to the seonbae-hubae relationship you see often at work, where during hwesik the senior will pay for all the juniors (this has happened virtually every time I’ve gone out for lunch during work). When I blind-dated a Korean lady quite older than me (before falling in love with Mimi), it was quite awkward between us when I tried to foot the bill at the places we ate. Age makes us conscious of ourselves, more visibly so in Korea, I think.

For Mimi and I, we pay equal-split for lunch/dinner because we think it’s fair that way. I think this attitude is becoming more popular now. But don’t worry! Your senior manager at work is still paying for that double chocolaty chip creme frappuccino you’re ordering tomorrow at coffee break.

Couple tshirts are quite common in Korea

Mimi: While in most Western countries we would only celebrate anniversaries, here in Korea most couples would celebrate the 100 Days (백일). As you already noticed, this means an extra bouquet of flowers, nice dinner and also, many more occasions to celebrate being in a couple (more couples last 100 days together rather than 1 year).


Victor: It is usually expected of you, as a guy, to plan for the 100-day celebration, or at least plan together with your date beforehand on what to do. This is Korea; I think Koreans (and us) love an excuse to celebrate or show off their relationship as often as possible.. or another excuse to be cute in public.

So, what do people do exactly on this 100 Days celebration?

Mimi: It really depends on the couple, but in a Korean relationship, usually the guy buys “couple rings”, a bunch of flowers, and most likely a nice dinner. The couple rings symbolize that you’re in a relationship, but it’s not the same as engagement rings. You wear a couple ring on the ring finger of your left hand, and it’s usually the guy who would buy them. It is mostly young couples that do this, and they’d usually spend anything from W100,000 to easily W300,000. This depends more on the purchasing power of the boy than the amount of love shared.

An example of couple rings

Mimi: In our case, we didn’t get the rings (I never wear rings anyway), but Victor bought me a nice bouquet of flowers saying “백일을축하하며”, a cute gift, and set it all up before I came back from work. Aww~ In exchange I bought us dinner in a very nice French restaurant called Cuisson 82. I miss that food~

100daysNote that Koreans sometimes will also celebrate 200D, 300D, 500D and 1000D. Not feeling like counting the days one by one? You don’t have to! There’s plenty of apps and websites that will do it for you. For example, the Naver day counter, or any couple app developed for Korea.

Victor: Beware about buying flowers for 100D, 200D, 300D, etc. If you buy 100 roses for 100D, you might have to buy 200 roses for 200D, and 300 for 300D! It never ends! I suggest just buying a lovely, moderately-sized bouquet and assert it’s the quality not quantity that counts 😛

100 Days of my Blog

Anyway, I’m really happy to be writing this post because it means I have been consistent in doing what I define as my hobby. I have enjoyed writing, especially when I saw some post had likes, comments, or shares. Thanks to WordPress, I’m able to track a lot of Statistics that are, at the least, very curious. And thanks to you for reading! ^^

* My five most-read posts are:

  1. Short Trip to Osaka & Kyoto (Part II) – a post explaining our super rush 1-day trip to Kyoto (it was our 2nd time there).

    3e. Arashiyama by victor

  2. Canary Islands Paradise – a general post about the Canary Islands, my hometown.


  3. Hamburgers in Seoul: Firebell VS. Left Coast – a heatet competition (not really) between my 2 favorite hamburger places in Seoul.

    Love it

  4. Short Trip to Osaka & Kyoto (Part I) – more on our trip to Japan, this part was mostly about Universal Studios and Osaka.

    2a. harry potter

  5. Best Galbijjim in Seoul – a Korean Chain that serves some really delicious tasty galbijjim.

    gangmam myeonok pic

* My visitors are mostly from South Korea, the US, and Spain. I had some rare visitors from Mongolia, Brunei, Guam, Togo, Cayman Islands, and more. I dare you to locate these countries on your mental World Map 😀

201507151331246_7EUABGFC* I only recently started to appear on Google search. From my WordPress admin site I can see what terms people used to get linked to my post. Sadly, most of the terms (138/164) are “Unknown” . Some interesting terms I came across with are “mimi yu photo” (I wonder who was stalking me), “odio comer tarde” (In English: I hate eating late) or “south korea mers plague inc” (I don’t know… Plague inc is a game I play and reviewed, and South Korea Mers must have been a very searched term on Google).

I wanted to thank you all for following my blog, either every time I publish or just punctually, it means a lot to me. I invite you to keep checking my blog, as I still have looots of ideas and draft posts. I hope to celebrate my 1 year blogging soon! 😀

See ya,



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