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Craftworks Pangyo’s 2nd Anniversary Brunch

Craftworks Pangyo is a branch of the Craftworks Taphouse & Bistro group. They serve their own crafted beers, and as they state on their website:

“Holding the heavyweight title of being South Korea’s pioneer crafters of the mighty beer beverage, Craftworks was born from a desire among a close group of friends to introduce a more sophisticated element to the beer drinking culture of Seoul. […] Each of the Craftworks beers were inspired by seven of Korea’s infamous and fabulous mountain locales and which have been created using actual spring fed mountain water in Gyeonggi Province, an area known for its superb quality H20.”

Some of their signature beers are called are Buhkansan Pale Ale, a Californian-style pale ale with a great head; Halla Mountain Golden Ale, a medium bodied golden color beer; or Seorak Outmeal Stout, an intense dark beer with a creamy mouth feel. Besides their 7 permanent craft beer, they also have 2 seasonal ones: Gwanaksan Kolsch of German influence (summer) and Hobak Pumpkin Spice Ipa (their Moon Bear Pale Ale infused with spices for Halloween). You can see their whole selection on their website.

Menu normal drinks

Besides the beers, they offer wines and cokctails. As for food, they have mainly burgers, sandwiches, salads, pizzas, fry baskets and nachos, and some desserts. On Sundays from 12 to 3 they have an American buffet & coffee deal for W15,000, and from 3 to 7 they have BBQ Smoker specials and live music. The American buffet includes breakfast burritos, breakfast pizza, fries, burgers… you can check their events on FB to see the whole menu. (Example here)

Menu normal brunch

I went to Craftworks with some friends for their special 2nd Anniversary Party, where they offered their BBQ Smokers at W2,000 each, as well as their craft beers, mojitos, and shots also for the same price. From 3 onwards there was a live band playing jazz music to make the ambiance even more lively.

2nd anniversary!

Special anniv menu
The special 2nd anniversary menu

My friends and I arrived very early, around 12 (opening time) trying to avoid the big crowds and lines. We got a table inside (they had set  outdoor tables for the day) and were among the first ordering from the BBQ grill outside. We thought of trying every single one, but decided to order the best ones in the end. In total Victor and I we ordered 3 Hanger steaks, 1 sausage, 1 hamburger, 1 pulled pork, 2 beers and a mojito.

Sausage (not hot dog), pulled pork and hanger steaks
Sausage (not hot dog), pulled pork and hanger steaks

Without doubt the Hanger steak was the star. They even ran out of it a bit after 3pm! The hanger steak was a piece of steak marinated and wrapped with a slice of bacon. The sausage was a big spiced sausage with a hotdog bun around it. The pulled pork came in a hamburger bun as well. At first the BBQ ordering system was a bit chaotic because people would order and then just grab the first item of what they ordered, even though it was from someone who ordered before. However, the staff at Pangyo Craftworks learnt fast and instaured a numbered order system that worked much better.

The beer truck and the ice for shots
The beer truck and the ice for shots

Anyway, the food and the drinks were good, the restaurant started to get crowded after 2:30 pm, and the band started to play at 3, giving a very good vibe to the place. I still need to try out this place on a normal day or on a normal Sunday, but I have good expectations.

Live band giving it all
Live band giving it all

The service was really nice, everyone there speaks English since most of them were foreigners, and as such they make it very easy for friends sharing a table to pay their bills separately. If you live in Bundang, I recommend you to go try it out on a Sunday for their brunch or their BBQ smoker specials.

Sorry you can't see the time of the brunch because of the light. It's from 12 to 3pm
Sorry you can’t see the time of the brunch because of the light. It’s from 12 to 3pm
Outside tents
Outdoor seating and tents
Outise area
Outdoor patio
Opening hours: From 12 (afternoon) to 12 (midnight). Sundays early closing at 9pm
Contact: 031-706-7474 /
How to get there: Pangyo stn (shinbudang line) or Seohyeon station (bundang line) + walk around 10 minutes or take a local bus
Address: Bundang-gu, Baekhyundong 591-9 Songnam, Gyeongi-do / 분당구 백현동 591-9, 성남시 경기도
Mimi’s Rating: 8/10 (Food: 8, location: 6, price: 9, service: 9)
Plus: I still need to go back and try the actual brunch… so the rating is only based on the 2nd anniversary day. The service was the most outstanding, with the small exception of the disorganization at the grill at the beginning. Some of the food were great (hanger steak) but some other were just meh. Location is in Bundang, not the most reachable for most people, and it’s not really close to the station. Prices for that day were amazing, but the usual dishes are much more expensive.

3 thoughts on “Craftworks Pangyo’s 2nd Anniversary Brunch

    1. Hi Malcolm, thanks for your comment! If you follow their FB page you wont miss any other event 😉 They have Sunday specials, I’d definitely go some time!


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