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Ansan Rock Festival’15: Info on how to get there and how to get back home!

Hi~~ Victor and some friends are going to the Ansan Rock Festival this weekend, and we were trying to figure out how to get there (and back) without using the tour party buses. The official website has very complete information… in Korean. So I spent nearly an hour figuring out and decided to post it on my blog because it might help others too, right? ^^

1. How to get there using Public Transportation.

First take the subway to Oido (오이도) or Ansan (안산), both stations are on line 4 (light blue) and it will take a while depending on where you’re located. For example, it takes about 1h8min from both Gangnam or Yeongtong (Suwon). Then, depending on which stop you get off, you can take either bus 123 (안산) or 790 (오이도). Oido station is a bit closer to the festival than Ansan, and the bus comes more frequently, so I’d think that the Oido + 790 is better… But I’ve never been there, so I’m providing this info based on Daum maps and Naver maps estimations. The fare would be the normal subway and bus fare. This is your cheapest option.

How to get there

2. Special shuttle buses!

The previous was the cheapest option, but not neccesarily the fastest. Also, public transportation ends quite early, so if you live near any of the following spots, the direct shuttle buses might be a better option for you.

a) You can take a shuttle directly from yangjae station exit 9 (walk about 300m from there) at 10, 12 or 16. Buses back at 1, 2, 3 and 4 am. Other Seoul buses depart from Seoul Station and Hapjeong. This shuttles costs W15,000 per way. Check the screenshot for detailed info:

SEOUL_shuttle buses

–> I’m pretty sure you need to reserve (예약) through Interpark homepage. After reservation, you get an SMS/e-mail and you have to wire transfer the money within 24h. Sounds complicated~

b) There are also shuttle buses from Oido station (오이도) exit#2 (100m ahead). They run from 10~18, every 20~30min. And from 19~21 every 1h. To go back, they run at 10,11,12,19,20h. And from 21~2am every 20~30min. This one costs W5,000 per way. (There is also a shuttle going back from the concert to Jungang stn on the same line (중앙) at 23h/00h/1am/2am –> But actually I think this is the same bus as the one to Oido, except that it travels a bit further and ends the route at Jungang).

Here’s a screenshot with the detailed information:

ANSAN_shuttle buses

–> It seems to me that for this one you don’t need to reserve, but rather buy there. [Google translate: Field Sales Information. Oido Station Shuttle bus ticket proceeds only field sales and inside sales in Oido Station seunghachajang the festival site ticket office.Payment can be by cash only.]

BEWARE! Even though there are shuttle buses to Oido station at late times, the subway still closes around midnight! If you want to catch the subway you may have to skip the late concerts ~

c) There’s also a free shuttle bus around the Daebudo area (that’s where the concert is). It runs from 11am~2am every 30 min. The stops are: 방아머리제 1 주차장/ 구봉도입구/ 포도향기펜션 삼거리/ 레드스카이펜션 앞/ 구봉타운길 입구/ 구봉 타운길주차장… which seem to be pensions around the area. This shuttle is probably just for people who bought more than 1 day tickets and are staying nearby. (방아머리제 1 주차장 is 1min walk to the event)

GUBONGDO_shuttle buses

3. Taxi

I guess a last option would be the taxi. From Oido station it is still around 18km. away and W15,000…so not really worth it unless you can’t wait for the shuttle buses.


5 thoughts on “Ansan Rock Festival’15: Info on how to get there and how to get back home!

    1. Hi! The Ansan Rock Festival line up is not bad at all! The entrance fee is pretty high tho, this is a full 3day rock festival. You can still buy entrances I think, I’ve seen people trying to resell due to their agendas~ check on their website for prices and full line up! 🙂


    1. I only know a girl who was selling a 3Day ticket for 180 OBO (or best offer). 1 day ticket is a bit cheaper than that, but its a great deal for a 3D ticket. If youre interested let me know ASAP ill contact her for you


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