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Beautiful Store (아름다운가게), your second hand shop in Suwon! (And rest of Korea)

For all the deal-seekers and thrift shop lovers in Suwon area, you are in luck. Today I’m introducing the “Beautiful Store” in Yeongtong and Paldal-gu. This store belongs to a Korean social enterprise/ charity (아름다운가게), where you can volunteer in different ways. The most common ones are by volunteering 4h/week (or more) for at least 6 months at one of their stores, or by donating items. They accept a lot of different items, most commonly clothes, kitchen ware, toys… all of these must be in excellent condition though.

The shop from outside
The Yeongtong shop from outside

As from the customer side, we can go to these shops during opening hours and find great deals. The first time I went I just wanted to check the shop out, and when I entered I got really excited because I saw a big size crockpot! I had been looking for one on the 2nd hand markets for about 3 months, but I was always too late or the pick up location was too far. So imagine my face when I saw it. I almost jumped onto it and told the shop clerks to keep that for me. Meanwhile, I went to check the clothes section.

Clothes section. Most are for women, but there's also some selection for men and children
Clothes section. Most are for women, but there’s also some selection for men and children

The clothes are organized by gender and type (dresses on one side, tshirts, pants, jackets, etc.). Since the shop is not very big, all the clothes are hung next to each other and you will have to go through them one by one to find something that suits you. This said, I was lucky to find a lot of things I liked! I ended up buying a summer dress for W10,000, a fall jacket for W17,000, two business jackets for like W5,000 each. All these 4 items had dept. store quality. I also bought 2 shirts for as little as W2,000.

Look at those professional suits
Look at those professional suits

Size-wise I’d say there were a lot of sizes availables, including some really small things that I couldn’t fit, and some larger ones that would be good for an American L or XL. There are clothes for men and kids as well, although the selection there becomes smaller.

Inside kitchenware and toys
Toys & Plushies, kitchen items…

Other items I saw that day were more kitchenware, small and big toys, plushies, bags, baby carriage, etc.

Books, comics, children and baby toys, and bags
Books, comics, children and baby toys, and bags

Outside of the Yeongtong shop they have this machine, which I assume its for you to drop your clothes or other donations in case the shop is closed.

Outside machine
If you know Korean and want to translate this for me, you’ll be helping future visitors to understand better 😀

Yeongtong Branch Info:

Opening hours: Mon~Sat from 10:300~18:00 (closed on Sundays!)
Contact: 031 – 205 – 7300/
How to get there: Yeongtong stn Bundang line (yellow) exit#1 or 2. Walk 12min to destination // Or Changmyeong station on the same line, exit #3 and walk 10min.
Address: 1038-11, Yeongtong-dong, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon City, Gyeonggi-do/ 경기 수원시 영통구 청명로 85 (영통동)
Comments: The shop is small, but it has a lot of items. Spend some time looking through the things and you may find what you’re looking for! If you can’t find it, it’s right behind the big yeongtong post office

Paldal-gu Branch Info:

Opening hours: Mon~Sat from 10:30~18:00 (closed on Sundays!)
Contact: 031 – 258 – 1113/
How to get there: Maegyo station, bundang line (yellow) exit #7 and walk 18m or take buses 20, 25, 5-2, 64, 112 for 3 stops (get off at Paldalmun bus stop -팔닻문정류장: paldalmun jeongryu jang.
Address: 6 Jungbu-daero, Paldal-gu, Suwon City, Gyeonggi-do/ 경기도 수원시 팔달구 중부대로 6 (신원빌딩 1층)
Comments: Haven’t been to this one, just found it on the Korean version of the website and thought of adding it

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Store (아름다운가게), your second hand shop in Suwon! (And rest of Korea)

  1. Hey, so I found your blog via the Suwon Newbies FB group and I went to the second store you mentioned in your post as that is in my area of Suwon 😀 It was great! I picked up a lovely maroon shirt with a sequined little collar for 1,500W! And you are right about the condition of the clothing. Everything looks in excellent condition..

    Across the road and slightly to the right of the beautiful store is another second hand store. Mainly clothing, but also had some furniture, kitchen ware and shoes….

    Thanks for posting about the 2nd hand store! I love it!


    1. Hi Austen, I’m glad you liked it! I was very happy when I found it 🙂 Specially because of my W10,000 crockpot and my dept store quality autumn jacket that would probably have costed more than W80,000 if it wasn’t in the 2nd hand shop.
      I didn’t know about the other 2nd hand shop nearby so I’ll keep my eyes opened next time I visit 🙂 thanks!
      And the only negative thing from the store is that they close too early on weekdays (6pm , impossible to get there after work) and also on Sundays, so the only moment I can go is on Saturdays~~ which is when everything else also happens! Haha, I’d love to go and find some more bargains soon.
      Have a great week Austen!


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