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Cafe Grand Bleu, charming family-run cafe at Mangpo Station

It’s been more than 2 months since I wrote my first post about coffee on this blog, talking about the Coffee Culture in Korea. On that day I had posted a picture of Cafe Grand Bleu, a family-owned coffee shop next to the Mangpo Station. This coffee shop attracted me immediately because of its outside decoration with blue walls and fresh flowers.

grand bleu

grand bleu terrace
Look at this cute little terrace! Too bad there’s a lot of cars outside~

The Cafe is owned by a family and they speak some English. They open late in the morning but stay until late night as well. You can order many different drinks here, ranging from the typical coffee & tea, to the juices, smoothies and even non-alcoholic cocktails. If you’re hungry, they have some cake portions and some good-looking bingsu. I am definitely trying their bingsu as soon as I get someone to go with me! It’s W12,000 and good to share. The pat bingsu looks extraordinary!

gramd bleu bingsus

When you go inside, it is as cute as from the outside. The walls are painted with soft colors, and on one of them there’s art. Although the place is not big, there are plenty of tables that will get more full later in the night.

grand bleu diningroom

They have a lot of pictures of their gorgeous drinks, cute pushies and writings. The place has wifi, but you will have to ask for the password when you order.

grand bleu cashier

They also have some shelves where they sell tea leaves, tea sets, and aromatic candles.

grand bleu tea selection

I had the lemonade there, which comes without syrup, the way I like it. Keep calm and drink up! I was there with the other Hippie Korea Committee members discussing our plans to make the Community grow in the right direction. It was a productive first meeting in a cute setting. The music was a bit loud and added a dramatic tone on our speeches, like when Sonja the founder was explaining Hippie Korea’s mission and on the background the song: “I will always love you” played loudly.

hippie committee meeting1
Come participate in our lectures and day trips! 🙂 We are a Suwon-located social club!

If you want to know more about Hippie Korea you can click any of the following links:

Don’t miss our next highlight trip to the Boryeong Mud Festival!! 😀


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