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Canary Islands III: 5 fun activities you can do in Gran Canaria.

Something I like about blogging is the fact that I’m also learning new things. I try to offer fresh, useful and fun information, so sometimes I need to do some research on my part, and end up discovering things I didn’t know. Today, I’m going to share some activities you could do in the Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain) that I wasn’t aware of, as well as some others I knew but I think they’re not widely known.

1. Watch dolphins and whales!

In one of my trips to Canada, we went North in order to see whales. It was magical. It was also really cold, far, and expensive. How could I not know I could do something very similar in my hometown! Stupid me… but oh well, now I know and now I have a second chance of living that experience.

From Puerto Base/ Puerto Rico, in the South of Canary Islands, you can take the “Spirit of the Sea” to go see dolphins. They serve in Spanish, English, German and Dutch. Costs €27 per adult and €14 per child, and includes water and soda. (As of now, you can get a 10% dt by booking online). They go on T/T/S at 10:00 and 12:30, and the activity lasts 2 hours. If for some reason you didn’t get to see the dolphins, you will be given another ticket to come back next time. For the same price but on M/W/F, you can do the same trip + 1h of swimming at 10:00 and 13:30. Be aware if you get dizzy on boats, you may have a bad time. This is not for everyone!

2. Walk under water.

Hooray for those of us who are a bit afraid of sinking in the water, who are not proficient at swimming, but still want to enjoy the sea and its landscapes! With Sea Trek, now you can walk (yes, walk, not swim) underwater thanks to their head devices that will help you breathe normally while enjoying the sea.

This is for anyone that can walk and breathe, from 8 years old on, Every day from 9;30 ~ 17:30, at the Resort Anfi del Mar in the South of Gran Canaria. The cost for the activity is of 60€ per adult (50€ for children), and it will last around 1h.

3. SUP

Stand Up Paddle is one of the latest Water sports, and I first tried it in Seoul, at the Han River. I already suspected we would have this in the Canary Islands, and I think I saw it before (without knowing what it was). Anyway, you can do SUP in the Canary Islands easily.

For example in Gran Canaria’s South again, in Arguineguin, there is a company called SUP Gran Canaria that offers 3h classes (49€ per person), 2h individual coaching (59€ for 1 person or 39€/pp for 2 people) and even a SUP Wave clinic for advanced students (49€ for 2~3h). If you already know how to do it, you can get a SUP rental for half day (20€) or the whole day (30€). You don’t really need to know how to swim for this, as you will be provided with safety jackets.

Alternatively, if you’re tired of going to the South of the island, you can also do SUP in Las Canteras, the urban beach. Mojosurf is a big surf academy that also offers SUP. I’ve seen this before as I frequent this beach.Their 2h courses cost 30€ for 1 person, 28€/pp for 2, 25€/pp for 3, and 20€/pp for 4. For this one you will need to know how to swim, as you don’t have a safety jacket.For 35€, you can do a 3h tour around the beach (only available if you already took at least 1 course to prove you can make it). Rentals go for 8€/1h, 15€/2h and 22€/3h and also require that you took a SUP course before. Get a neoprene suit for 5/6/8€.

4. Ride a camel~

Although I’d recommend to do this in Lanzarote at the Timanfaya Volcano Park, if you are not planning to visit that island, you can still ride a camel in Gran Canaria. For this, go to Maspalomas Dunes (South again… I know). There’s a park with 65 dromedaries and for 13€/8€ you can enjoy a 30min ride around the area. Open from 9 to 16:30 everyday of the year, rides start every 15min. There’s a 130kg weight restriction, and babies or children under 3 can ride on their parents. No reservation required.

Tip: if you’d rather just ride a horse, you can do so with Hipisur, for example.

5. See a show of traditional dance from Canarias

On Sundays you can go to the Jardin Canario, in the city of Las Palmas, and enjoy a cool drink at the terrace while listening to Canary songs and watching them dance. The artists will be wearing traditional clothing and for one song they will also invite the crowd to join. If you’re confident about your basic dance skills, don’t hesitate and have some fun with the locals!

LPA Easter 2013 Pueblo Canario


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