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Tianjin Baozi: delicious steamed buns filled with meat + Gelato!

I lived in Beijing for 6 months during my University Exchange to Pekin University, and I travelled a lot during that time. However, I never went to Tianjin, which is a port city barely 40min away from Beijing by train… At first I wanted to go, but when I asked Chinese friends about what to see there, they never knew what to say. I remember the only thing all of them recommended me to try there was the goubuli baozi, a special type of filled bun. Goubuli (狗不理) means literally: dogs don’t care, so with that name… it wasn’t enough to attract me to go. Plus there’s plenty of baozi to eat anywhere in Beijing anyway.

Tianiin Baozi in gosok

This weekend, after going to the Han River, we came across a restaurant called Tianjin Baozi, and I decided to give it a try, since I ignored them some years back. We found this place at Gosok bus terminal, in the underground labyrinths. I wouldn’t be able to explain this straight, but I can tell you that I saw the buses at the terminal, an Outback steakhouse, and if you keep walking straight, you will see a bunch of small restaurants like a Brick Pizza Oven or a Gelato Gelati. There are maps with the restaurants on that area, so find one and check where the Tianjin baozi is ^^

Tianjin restaurantWe entered and ordered a plate of meat buns and a plate of fried noodles at the counter. Then we sat down and waited. The food was quick, the portions are OK. We paid W7,000 for 6 baozi and W8,000 for the noodles.

Tianjin Baozi menuThe noodles were nicely fried, short and easy to eat, but a bit too garlicky for me (remember I’m kind of allergic to garlic). The portion was good, but I saw the waitress with 2 plates of the same thing, and one of them was clearly fuller, and she gave that one to the family sitting next to us T^T

Tianjin chowmeinThen came the baozi. I am still not usre if this is goubuli bao, or if they chose the name tianjin baozi randomly. In any case, the baozi were good! They came warm, with some soup/liquid inside, like in xiaolongbao (my favorite type of dumpling/ bao). It was a nice surprise. The meat was really soft though, I’d have liked it more if it felt more like meat.

Tianjin baozi!I am not able to find information online by typing “tianjin baozi seoul”, so I’m sorry I can’t provide the exact details as usual!


Opening hours: ??? Most branches do 11:00~22:30
How to get there: Subway: Express Bus Terminal (gosok bus terminal)
Address: (More or less): 19 Banpo 4(sa)-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Mimi’s Rating: Total 7/10 (Food: 7, location: 8, price: 8, service: 6)
Plus: Good and inexpensive baozi and tea. Good for my Chinese food cravings.

After dinner, we went for a sweet gelato at Gelato Gelati. At Gosok bus terminal, there’s one right in the same area as the baozi restaurant. They have about 15 flavors and a cup or cone with 2 flavors will cost you W4,000. You can also order bigger portions to go~

gelato gelati gelato labVictor had a cone of mint chip + grapefruit. He loved the grapefruit one, look how happy he looks!

gelato grapefruit & choco mint

I got, as usual, a cup with chocolate + cononut. Quite good, not my best gelato at all, but not bad and quite tasty.

gelato choco coconut gelato menu


Opening hours: ???
Contact: ???
How to get there: Subway: Express Bus Terminal (gosok bus terminal)
Address: (More or less): 19 Banpo 4(sa)-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Mimi’s Rating: Total 8/10 (Food: 8, location: 7, price: 8, service: 8)
Plus: Gelatos! 🙂


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