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Brunch in Bundang! Brown Sugar

Following my last weekend post about Brunch in Yeongtong, today I’m going to also write about a brunch place; this time in Bundang. Bundang is a wealthy area south of Seoul, specially the areas around the stations of Pangyo, Jeongja or Sunae. It is also the house of big IT companies such as Naver, KT, or Kakaotalk. This Sunday we decided to visit Jeongja, where Bundang line (yellow) and SinBundang line (red) intersect, for a good American brunch at Sugar Brown.

Easy to see from the outside

Sugar Brown (full name Dailyking’s Sugar Brown) is an American brunch with a cool atmosphere. The ceiling is very high and the space feels quite open. Tables are huge (Vic and I were joking that we could barely reach each other’s arm on our table for 2), so are the cool black lamps, and the walls are covered with brick. If we had a small company, it would look like that. There are also a lot of seats, half of which were not covered. I had come here once before with other friends, and I remember it was full on that ocassion.

If I had a big work studio, it would also have high ceilings, brick walls and huge lamps!

The menus are bright, with a lot of pictures and descriptions of each dish. They have a mascot that looks like a bird to me, and their corporate colors seems to be black and some mustard-ish yellow. Their dishes are distributed into sections: brunch plates (plates with eggs, meat and bread), filled omelettes, sandwiches, salads, pastas, desserts, and drinks.

menu dodger
Quite complete menu~ 8 types of food/drink with several variations each

Victor got M1, the Dailyking’s Brunch with sausage, bacon, eggs, potato and pancakes for W16,900. I got the Chilli & Cheese Omelette (labeled as ) for W18,500, which comes also with potato and a toast. We also ordered a Coke (re-fill included) for W4,900. Uf… seems a bit pricey right?

waiting for the food
Waiting for my food~ on my left was our tent~ day at Han River afterwards! Yay~

The food arrived, and it looked promising. The omelette had a lot of chilli inside, and it tasted amazing. I had ordered it “less spicy” because I can’t eat spicy stuff, and I must say that the chilli came almost not-spicy at all. I really enjoyed it, and it was so big I could not finish it, so Victor got to enjoy it as well. His Brunch platter was good, he said it was nothing too special, but at least it didnt bring him any bad surprise (as it usually happens in Korea when eating foreign food). If it wasn’t for the price, he would eat it more often. The pancakes were soft and nice.

Good looking food
Good looking food The Chilli & Cheese Omelette was the best!

The service was quite good, there were enough waiters for the customers at that time, so they were very responsive and we got our coke refilled a couple times. They also understood my broken Korean + English when I asked for a less spicy dish, so nothing to complain about.

papermat dodgrr
Aaah…. wait what??

One curious thing about he place was the paper mat we had… none of us super-smart guys could really understand the drawings… I’ll show you! There’s this mascot cooking a brunch plate or something… and then there are a lot of small drawings that make no sense. I’m guessing it’s something like how they came up with the idea of their business… but if someone knows for sure, please let me know on the comments!



Opening hours: 9:30~22:00
How to get there: Subway: JEONGJA station on Bundang Line (yellow) or Sinbundang Line (red) exit #3. Walk 10 min straight, you should see it on your right.
Address: 경기도 성남시 분당구 성남대로 275, 아데나펠리스1층
Mimi’s Rating: Total 7/10 (Food: 8, location: 7, price: 5, service: 9)
Plus: Come here if you’re craving for American brunch or omelettes. Prices are a bit high, but portions are big and food is good

Surfing more on the Internet, I just found out they recently opened a new branch in… Suwon! (More like Gwanggyo, but oh well), so here is the small maps they provided on their official website:

Brown Sugar Gwangyo
Brown Sugar Jeongja

When you’re in need for an American style brunch, come here! Don’t forget your wallet!!~



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