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Brunch in Yeongtong! Rolling Pin

Last Sunday we were walking around Yeongtong Station, looking for a bowling shop that a friend recommended us, and at the same time looking for a place to eat in. We tried going to a samgyeopsal restaurant I really liked in the area, but it was closed during the day. Actually, most of the places were closed until nighttime, or some of them were even closed because it was Sunday, like a German-looking brunch place I’m going to try some time soon.

We were about to give up and go back home to eat, when we saw it: Rolling Pin. We had never heard of it, but something was telling me I should give it a try.

My head kept reading pan instead of pin~
My head kept reading pan instead of pin~

At the entrance, you can see their brunch menu. It is really limited, with only 4 dishes, but they were good looking enough and we decided to give it a try. The Brunch is served from 10:30 AM to 4 PM. 02. menu There was also another notice explaining when they bake their breads, so if you want to have your bread warm and right out from the oven, check this before going!

03. bread times
Sorry for not translating this, it’s too much for me 😀 I think it’s different types of bread at different times~

So we went in, and ordered, then sat down in one of their really cool chairs.

04. counter
Counter to order food, drinks, and bread
06. dining room
Decoration was really pleasant. I was surprised it wasn’t busier.
07. chairs
Some chairs looked quite cool

The food took a long while to come (I counted 18 minutes, although we were the only people eating Brunch there), but that means they are making it fresh… right? :p At least we could try some free samples of the many breads they serve. They even have pain au chocolat! Definitely having it next time ^^

05. bread
De-licious looking breads

Finally our food was ready! Presentation was clean, the plates were from Le Creuset, and the smell was fantastic. The Shrimp sandwich came with avocado, and also a good size side salad. The sauce is what made it spicy and we thought it wasn’t as good as it looked. We give it a 5/10.

07. shrimp sandwich
Spicy Shrimp Sandwich

The Ciabatta Pizza however, was great. It was warm, with a lot of cheese, the bread wasn’t soggy at all, and the salad on top gave it a good balance. Loved it. Maybe a 9/10 and definitely ordering it again next time, since the sandwich wasn’t that good after all.

08. focaccia
Ciabatta Pizza

Rolling pin is a premium bakery chain, as I found later, and has several branches around Suwon and gyeonggi. This one is in Yeongtong, very close to the station, exit 1. For other locations, please check their website!

Opening hours: Everyday 08:30 – 22:00
Contact: 031-202-0203/ 
How to get there: Yeongtong Station, Bundang line (yellow) exit1. It’s in the same building as the Pizza hut
Address: 995-5 Yeongtong 1(il)-dong / 경기도 수원시 영통구 영통동 995-5
Mimi’s Rating: Total 6/10 (Food: 7, location: 8, price: 7, service: 7, choice: 3 ) *The reasoning behind by ratings. If I hated a place, it will have less than a 5. If it’s a 6 or 7, it means I didn’t enjoy it that much, but if someone pays my meal there, I’ll eat it. 8 to 9 means the food is good and I’m coming back sometime. A 10 means that I like the place so much, I’ll go back often.*
Plus If you like fresh bread, make sure to go at the times they indicate for each type of bread! The place has wifi and some plugs, making it a good place to study too. I will go back to try some of their breads next time, and if we’re hungry, maybe get another pizza. I’ll avoid the sandwiches.

Bon Appétit!


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