Utterly cute Rabbit Café in Harajuku

Cat café? Check. Dog café? Check. SHEEP café? Check! Rabbit café? Check! Check! Check!

There’s no rabbit café in Seoul yet, but Tokyo is once more ahead! I made a one-week trip to Tokyo last year during Chuseok (a big holiday in Korea happening usually in September) and, while planning my trip, I came across two places I did not want to miss: the Ra.a.g.f. Rabbit Café and the Owl café! Sadly, when I went to the owl café it was closed due to national holiday, but at least I had the chance to visit the rabbit café and I had a blast!

4. huge rabbit

Ra.a.g.f Rabbit Café is located in Harajuku, one of the most vibrant neighborhoods of Tokyo. The name stands for “Rabbit and grow fat”, which makes little sense to me and prevented me from remembering the name correctly every time. It was a bit hard to find for me, so definitely check the address before leaving your wifi area or print the map. Once you find it, it will be totally worth the pre-work! 🙂

0. map
Closest stop is Meiji Jingu

When you arrive to the location, you will be able to see the café on the third floor of the building thanks to the signs with rabbits. As you enter, you will see many cages on your left, containing each of the rabbits. You need to wash your hands, agree with the conditions (basically knowing how the system works and what to do or not to do with the rabbits, eg. you can touch and feed rabbits, but don’t carry them around) and then order a drink and sit down. The entrance fee is Y700 (about $5,60 today) and includes the drink plus half an hour to play with rabbits. When I went it was Y600 for half an hour and Y1,100 for an hour

This rabbit looked like a camel to me
This rabbit looked like a camel to me

The rules can be summarized like this:

  • You choose a rabbit you like, and they release it for you in the coffee shop area (which has some fence to prevent rabbits from running away).
  • You can release only one rabbit at a time, or he rabbits may fight!
  • Each rabbit will be out of the cage for at least 15 min, so they get enough exercise and don’t get stressed from getting out of the cage and back in right away.
  • You can pet and take pictures, but don’t carry around. If you want to hug a specific rabbit, let them know, they will teach you how.
  • You may also take pics or pet the ones in the cages, but ask for it.
This little brat would never stay still for a picture! All my pics with this one are really blurry
This little brat would never stay still for a picture! All my pics with this one are really blurry

There are about 20 different rabbits, in all sizes and colors (well, normal colors, no pink or blue…). The shop keepers can guide you on which ones are more playful. For example, for our first rabbit we chose a small and very cute one, but this one wouldn’t really pay us much attention, so the keeper recommended us a second rabbit that was playing with us all the time.

The second one was less cute but much more playful~
The second one was less cute but much more playful~

For the last rabbit we chose their biggest one, which was so fun to play with! It had a weird furless part on the neck, but this one rabbit was really nice. I guess the lesson is not to choose the cutest ones, as probably most people chose it already and it is full and tired of playing!

5. huge rabbot feeding

Ah yes, I recommend you buying some rabbit food (Y150, a bit more than a dollar) so that they are more attracted to you. This includes apple, carrots or other veggies. We had a fun time giving them food and trying to take good pictures, but they move quite fast and it’s hard to get a non blurry capture! They also poop a lot… even while walking/ eating/ running! It’s OK though, it doesn’t smell too bad nor is it disgusting.


At the end of the session, the keepers asked us if we wanted to hug the rabbit, to which I shaked my head strongly and said hai! hai! hai! To get a rabbit to hug you, you may need to trick it. The owners gave us a rabbit candy treat and told us to place is up near our ear. Then, the big rabbit with who we were playing at the time approached me and “climbed” on top of me to get the candy. As soon as he reaches the candy, you put your arms around it and hug it, making sure the camera is ready to take the picture. So much fun!

Some more useful information before I go~ I have read in many sites that you should reserve before you go, since the café is really small and has only 3 tables. We didn’t reserve and we arrived around 18:45, almost for the last entry time. I was a bit worried on the way there, but we were so lucky that there was nobody else there at the time, so we didn’t have to wait plus we got to play all we wanted with the rabbits. I’d recommend you to reserve if you’re there on a weekend and have a busy schedule. If you have a lot of free time, just go in the morning and either get in right away or reserve a spot for later and wander around Harajuku, which is a really nice neighborhood.

bonus scared mimi
BONUS picture: This rabbit was so big that I got scared by its movements several times… I had the feeling it would hurt me x)
Opening hours: Weekdays 12:00~19:30 (last entry at 19:00) / Weekends 11:00~20:00 (last entry at 19:30)
Contact: 03-6805-0328 /  info@raagf.com
How to get there: Meiji Jingu station (A7 exit plus 5 minutes walk) / Omotesando station (A1 exit plus 8 minutes walk) / Shibuya station (exit 13 plus 8 minutes walk)
〒150-0001 Tōkyō-to, Shibuya-ku, Jingūmae, 6 Chome−14−15 (3rd floor) / 〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前6-14-15 メゾン原宿3F
Mimi’s Rating: 9/10 (Food/drink: 8, originality: 10, price: 9, ambiance: 10)
Plus: Rabbits are quite playful, and you can cheat them and give them a big hug ❤

They have another location in Jiyugaoka, Meguro, most likely harder to go to unless you’re staying there. For more info, visit their website (only in Japanese): http://raagf.com/ 


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