Plague Inc. Latest game addiction: Plague Inc.

One thing that was “funny” is that, on our trip going back from LA to Korea, Victor told me about this game called Plague Inc., where the goal was to create a bacteria/virus strong enough to anhillate the plannet. At that time we still weren’t very conscious about MERS, a virus that is becoming the spotlight here in South Korea these days. I am not going to go into detail about MERS, because there is enough information in the Internet already, but I wanted to talk about this game, because it has taught me a couple things and I am kind of addicted to it. Yes, addicted to destroy the world with horrible diseases. Does that make me evil? :p

plague INC

Plague Inc. is a strategy game from Ndemic Creations. It has a 4,5 on Google Play (mostly 5 & 4 star reviews) and it is free to play. But of course, you can upgrade and use some cheats or unlock some stuff (I haven’t yet, but really considering it). As I already said, the goal of each of your games is to develop and mutate your bacteria into the most deadliest illness ever to kill everyone in the planet. If you miss to kill a person, you lose. You MUST infect and kill everyone.

I think this game is very fun and you don’t really get tired of playing it, since there are so many different variations. Let’s take a look at them:

Select a Plague Type:

Not all plagues come from the same source. I wasn’t aware of this, but there are (at least) 7 types of plagues that you can play: Bacteria, Virus, Fungus, Parasite, Prion, Nano-Virus, and Bio-Weapon. In the free version, you can only play Bacteria at first, and you will unlock the next type of plague once you cleared the normal mode difficulty on the previous one.

01. Select a Plague Type
So far I have unlocked Bacteria, VIrus and Fungus

Each type has different characteristics. For example, viruses are hard to control as they mutate continuosly. This gives the game some difficulty as you may suddenly start killing too fast if you get a “strong” mutation. Why is killing fast a problem? If you kill all the infected people, who is going to be left to infect the rest of the healthy ones? Fungus challenges you by being harder to spread long distances, meaning that most of the times you will need to manually expand it to other countries. I will explain further bacterias, viruses and fungus later in the post.

Difficulty levels:

There are 3 difficulty levels in the free version (1 more in the premium). Easy mode means that nobody washes their hands, doctors and researches don’t work, and people give hugs to sick people. On normal mode, 67% of the people wash hands, doctors work 3 days a week and sick people are ignored, while on brutal mode there is a compulsive hand washing, doctors never go home, and sick people get locked in prison (super hardcore).

02. Select a dificulty

Choose the Country of Origin

You can freely choose in what contry you want your plague to start. This may have big influence in the way the game develops, and sometimes it may even condition whether you will be able to win or not. Each country has different characteristics, such as rich/poor, urban/rural, humid/arid, hot/cold, etc. Some countries have ports, airports, both, or none. A plague will normally expand faster in India (a rural country. Typically has a hot humid climate. Has airport and port) than in Greenland (a cold and very sparsely poulated country. Has port only).

01. Start in India

Develop your plague

Of course you can help your plague expand no matter where you are. For example if you choose to start in Greenland, you can evolve your bacteria “transmission – Water 1” to increase the chances of ship transmission and in humid environments.  You can develop your plagues in three aspects:

  1. Transmission –> increase infectivity and the chances of transmission overseas.
    1. Bird 1: avian carriers, land transmission.
    2. Rodent 1: good for urban regions.
    3. Insect 1: good in hot climates.
    4. Livestock 1: good in rural areas.
    5. Blood 1: good in poor regions.
    6. Air 1: good for arid environments and plane transmission.
    7. Water 1: good for humid environments and ship transmission.
  2. Symptoms –> increase infectivity, severity, and/or lethality:
    1. Nausea: infection through kisses.
    2. Couching: good for high density urban areas.
    3. Rash: increase infectivity.
    4. Insomnia: make people irritable and less productive.
    5. Cysts: increase infectivity.
    6. Anaemia.Disease_symptons
  3. Abilities –> increase the resistance of the plague to different things:
    1. Cold Resistance 1
    2. Heat Resistance 1
    3. Drug Resistance 1: you need this if your main target is Europe, the US or Australia.
    4. Bacterial Resilence 1: bacterial shell to protect against all climates.Disease_Abilities

Of course, after developing any of these, you will get new developments available. They cost you DNA points, that you gain through the game, especially when you infect or kill a lot. Obviously the first few upgrades are cheap in DNA points, but they get pricier as you evolve (for example Water 1 costs 9 DNA points at first, but if you start developing other transmission items like Air 1, livestock and Rodent, you will have to pay more than 9 DNA points.

04. Focus on increasing transmission like crazy

Buying the premium version

if you got bored, you can always buy the Premium version, which comes with a pack of new features. One of the things I like the most is the fast-forward, with which you can make the game go faster, at least at the begining, when things go very slow! Your game will also be ads-free, you can unlock the Mega Brutal mode and modify the genetic code to customize the plague. The more you play, the more genetic code you “learn”, allowing to add a couple things to your game such as “ATP Boost: get bonus DNA at the beginning”.

PREMIUM version buy

You will also be able to unlock some special scenarios, in order to play in a world slightly different from our real world. (For example, a scenario where teletransportation exists, so humans may be able to fled from one infected country to a healthy one in case of plague spread.

Scenario Xmas sample Scenarios Packs buy

I have been playing this game quite a lot this last week, and will purchase the complete version probably after writing this post. I will upload some guide on how to beat the game in Bacteria, Virus, and Fungus modes. I played Normal for the tutorials, and the strategies of course will apply to the easy level. For Brutal, it could work (I’ve completed Bacteria and Virus), but you will need to be a bit more careful and not make any mistake! Anyway, I will upload those guides that are almost ready during the weekend. Meanwhile, start playing the easy levels and get familiar with Plague Inc.! 🙂

Resumen en Español:

Una cosa muy “curiosa” que me pasó fue que, en nuestro vuelo de vuelta desde LA a Corea, Vic me contó sobre un juego llamado Plague Inc., en el que tienes que desarollar una bacteria o virus para que se haga fuerte y aniquile al planeta. Por aquel entonces, no éramos muy conscientes del virus MERS, que estos días se ha convertido en el tema más hablado y temido en Corea del Sur. No voy a hablar más del MERS, pues hay suficiente información en Internet, pero me gustaría contarles más acerca de este juego, pues me ha enseñado un par de cosas y además me he enganchado. Sí, me he enganchado a destruir el planeta a través de horribles enfermedades. ¿Acaso esto me hace mala persona? :p

Bueno, este post es un poco la explicación del juego. No voy a traducir esto porque probablemente lo puedan encontrar en Internet sin problemas. Pronto subiré unos tutoriales de cómo yo conseguí vencer los niveles medio y brutal en modos bacteria, virus y fungus, aunque estos también serán en inglés. ¡Jueguen y me cuentan qué tal!


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