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Discover Mangoplate, find the best places to eat in Korea!

Hi~! Today I wanted to introduce you one of the apps I use the most when I’m in Seoul and I don’t know what to eat.

Maybe some of you already know Tripadvisor, which is a website (and mobile app) where the Community (aka anyone) posts and rates restaurants, sightseeing attractions, hotels, etc. I love it. Before traveling, I usually check what other people have to say about places and restaurants, and although I always keep in mind they are being subjective and I shouldn’t take their opinions too seriously, when I see a restaurant with mostly only negative or neutral opinions, I avoid it.

Mangoplate website 01
Main page of Mangoplate VS. mainpage of Tripadvisor

However, Tripadvisor has gotten so big that it is easy to get lost in it. Specially when it comes to finding restaurants in Korea, I haven’t found Tripadvisor very reliable. Some months ago I found about Mangoplate, this other website/app that also has a review system that lets Community rate different restaurants, but it’s focused only in Korea, and it looks so much more awesome and clean.

Take a look!

From the Google Play market:

“You love food and you love to eat out. However, in South Korea it’s often difficult finding a good place to eat. To search for relevant and useful information is time-consuming, especially when most of the information out there is in Korean. MangoPlate is your go-to app for discovering the best restaurants in South Korea. Available in English and Korean, MangoPlate is a restaurant recommendation service that helps you resolve your daily problem of where to go eat by connecting you with trustworthy people as well as the best restaurants in South Korea.”Download the app and start using it now!

What I love about Mangoplate:

  • The clean look: big and good quality images, very intuitive and sooo much cleaner than Tripadvisor.
    The app launching page looks like this
    The app launching page looks like this


  • Find places near you: you can find restaurants nearby and even apply filters such as cuisine type, price, or parking facilities. And you can switch to MAP view!
    02. near me n filters
    Find restaurants near your current location and filter by type of food, price, or parking accessibility, for example.


  • The Editor’s choice: on the Website version you can find places recommended by the editors.
  • The “top” lists, categorizing restaurants either by neighborhood or by type of food: this is how I learnt about all these hamburger places I keep talking about. Thanks to Mangpoplate I decided to go to Firebell, which has so many good reviews and happens to be really close to my boyfriend’s house.
    top lists
    Top recommendations by theme


What I didn’t love about Mangoplate:

  • Language is not yet perfect:
    I wish I would see all the comments in English first, since I chose the English version of the app/website
    I wish I would see all the comments in English first, since I chose the English version of the app/website

    even though the website and the app have English versions, most of the Community comments in Korean, and even though I use the English version, I can see a lot of Korean reviews. I would suggest Mangoplate to have a in-app translator, even if it’s not always accurate. And another recommendation would be to, at least, sort the comments so that all the English comments appear first (when using the English version).

  • Since it is Community based, it is only useful in popular areas such as Hongdae, Gangnam, Garosugil, Itaewon, etc. When I tried using it in my small neighborhood in Suwon, I didn’t see many restaurants (I was standing next to a restaurant trying to find info about it, but it wasn’t even listed in Mangoplate), and there are very few reviews. I don’t really know what they can do about this… except encouraging people (economically) in that neighborhood to try the food and write about it.
Still no luck with restaurants near less popular places
Still no luck with restaurants near less popular places


Mangoplate is also social~

As any other Community based service, Mangoplate incorporates a lot of social media besides having your personal profile such as direct buttons to share on kakaotalk, blogs from Naver, etc. You can also easily access the restaurants that you have “Loved” or your “Wishlist” from the menu “ME”

My profile on Mangoplate and the places I added as
My profile on Mangoplate and the places I added as “Wanna go”
06.b. prueba de blanco
I can also view the places I “wanna go” by location or by cuisine!
Connect with Kakaotalk, Korea's main IM, and facebook
Connect with Kakaotalk, Korea’s main IM, and facebook

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