Spain & Canary Islands

Canary Islands Paradise

The Canary Islands are like a small piece of paradise on Earth, and that’s where I’m from.

Today, I am going to tell you about the archipelago where I was born and raised, and I’ll show you some of the pictures I took on my last visit. But before starting, I wanted to spill out a couple facts that might impress you:

  1. We belong to the European Union and use euros, as we are part of Spain. However, geographically we are basically Africa, as we are located west to Morocco.

    Here we are!
  2. We have 257 km of beaches, many of them are included among the best in Europe including fine sand beaches, breathtaking cliffs, and even deserts.
  3. We also have the tallest mountain of Spain: Mount Teide (Tenerife) of 3,718 m. This mountain is actually a volcano and a World Heritage Site

    Teide Mountain (volcano)
  4. Our average temperature is *drumrolls* 21ºC (71,6F)! Basically a long spring and a summer all year round. And we have 3,000h of sunlight every year.
  5. We are 100% volcanic islands, and we are one of the most important volcanic regions in the world. Our islands emerged from the ocean due to magma activity, starting from about 23million years ago.
  6. You can cook food on a volcano 😀 that’s right. There’s a restaurant on Timanfaya (Lanzarote island) where you can see the cooks grilling your meat (or fish) just with natural heat from the dormant volcano. Enjoy the show and the great views, although food won’t be top quality.

    Food cooked from a volcano!
  7. Tourism conforms 32% of our GDP, with almost 13 million tourists
  8. In La Gomera, there is a very special local language that will catch your attention. It’s called “Silbido gomero” and it is based on whistles. Inhabitants can communicate with each other by whistling, and although it is not as popular as before (blame improvements in communications such as phones), there are many revitalization policies that are preventing this “language” from dying.

    A grandpa performing the “silbido gomero”

Impressed? I am too, I didn’t know some of these facts actually, so thanks for incentivating me to learn more about my homeland ^^ Now these are some pictures from “Las Canteras”, an urban beach popular for being so easily accessed in the city. I live literally 7 minutes away from it, and my family owns a restaurant that’s only a staircase away from the beach.

My restaurant next to the beach <3
My restaurant next to the beach ❤
This is Las Canteras on a bad weather day
This is Las Canteras on a bad weather day
And this is the beach on a good day.
And this is the beach on a good day.
The beach during Christmas time, when they set up a sand “nativity scene”
El sur en invierno
This is another beach at the south of the Island. Taken on January! The south is more popular than the North when it comes to winter beaches.

But the Canary Islands are not just a bunch of beaches full of “guiris” (which is what we call our white blond foreigners in a humoristic tone). There’s also history and culture. Canary Islands people are very proud of their folk music and keep practicing it to pass on future generations. Here you are some pictures of my friends and I when we went to see a folk group perform. It is a regular and free performance!

At “Pueblo Canario”, you can enjoy typical Canarian music and dances on Sundays.
My favorite house on the whole Island. It’s so cute and white&blue!
Our Cathedral actually has some history!

We also have dunes, it almost looks like a mini desert, right next to the sea!

Dunes, and then sea

…The biggest observatory of Europe is in another island from my archipelago

Observatory at Roque de los Muchachos

We even have our own drinks and snacks! Not easy to find anywhere outside of the islands 😀

This is my favorite drink, Appletiser!

And of course, our local food is delicious!

Yummy! Papas arrugás, calamares a la romana, queso frito, gofio, and more!

10 thoughts on “Canary Islands Paradise

    1. Thank you! I hope you get a chance to visit 🙂 They are a good destination for a relaxed and nature themed vacations. There’s so much contrast between the 7 islands, I didn’t have time to explain about them here but in short, there are deserts, caves, unlimited beaches, volcanos, green mountains to hike, and adorable small towns to visit.


  1. Mimi (and I am not just saying this because we are friends :P)….This was light, fun, and informative! This is quite tempting to visit :D!

    great blog!


    1. Thanks Husam ^^ I’ll try to keep it up! I wish we could teleport, so we could spend a weekend in each of our hometowns, that could be really cool!


  2. That is interesting place to visit for you. Between how you end up born and growing there?

    How is the population?


    1. Well it’s a long story but in short, my grandparents on my mother’s side decided to move there about 40 years ago when my mum was still a child, she stayed there, and then I was born.
      The Canary Islands are definitely a place to visit if time and money are not a constraint. It’s perfect for either a family trip or a solo trip.
      Population varies by island, being Tenerife and Gran Canaria the most populated ones, specially in the capital cities, where you can find everything a normal city has such as Universities. It’s far less populated than Asian cities though ^^


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