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[May 2nd-10th] Royal Palace Culture Festival 2015


This is finally my first post really about Korea ^^

As I had said before, I was going to participate as a Global Supporter for the Royal Palace Culture Festival in 2015. This year, for the first time, the organizing committee wanted to include global volunteers to help with the event to improve multicultural integration. Unfortunately, the schedule for the event was too demanding for my busy live, but still, I am definitely going to attend the event and see several of the workshops and performances that will be offered throughout the festival (May 2nd-10th).

Since there’s not much information in English about this event on the Internet, I thought of compiling the most important activities and happenings in a blog post. When I go to see it myself, I will update this post with some pictures and personal experiences, so stay tuned! ^^


Under the title “Today, We Meet the Palace”, the 2015 edition of the culture festival will take place between May 2nd and 10th, after an evening opening ceremony on May 1st reserved only for VIPs. On the following days, every palace will offer different cultural experiences to bring the Joseon Kingdom (1392-1010) back to the present.


  • Dates: May 2nd~10th (almost all day long, depending on the activity)
  • Place: Gyeongbok-gung, Changdeok-gung, Changgyeong-gung, Deoksu-gung) and Jongmyo Shrine
  • Transportation:
    • Gyeongbokgung: Gyeongbokgung station (line 3 – orange) exit 5 or Gwanghwamun station (line 5 – purple) exit 2
    • Changdeokgung: Jongno-3(sam)-ga station (line 1 – blue, line 3 – orange and line 5 – purple) exit 6 + 10min walk or Anguk station (line 3 – orange) exit 3 + 5min walk
    • Changgyeonggung: Hyehwa station (line 4 – sky blue) exit 3 + walk
    • Deoksugung: City Hall station (line 1 – blue) exit 2
    • Jongmyo Shrine: Jongno-3(sam)-ga station (line 1 – blue, line 3 – orange and line 5 – purple) exit 8 or 11 + 10min walk

These palaces are all more or less in the same area and some are walkable distance from each other. Otherwise, you can always take buses or taxis, they won’t cost much.



Gyeonbokgung will offer diverse royal ceremonies at the Sojubang (royal court kitchen), that has been restored and re opens to the public during the festival. At night, the facade of the Gwanghwamun Gate will become a spectacular multimedia screen.

NOTE: for those of you who know foreigners that are being Global Supporters, note down these 2 events as well, you might see them dancing 😉 There will be a flasmob on May 3rd (sunday) at 4pm and a 강강술래 performance on May 5th at 8pm, both at the Gyeongbokgung. Go early to secure a good spot and cheer for them!


Changdeokgung’s activities will be more related to nature, like morning strolls where visitors will enjoy the traditional vocal music “jeongga” and some story-telling of the love story between a King and a Royal Noble consort.


Changgyeonggung will show how life was at the royal palace with a large-scale reenactment of a day during King Yeongjo’s reign (1750).Citizens can pre-register and participate in the show.


Deoksugung will open a street cafe called “Korean Empire & Gabicha” in tribute to King Gojong, the first who tried coffee in Korea. There, visitors can sit and drink some coffee or see events of old royal banquets.

  • 대한제국과 가비차 Gabicha: an outdoor cafe with night concerts and other performances (덕수궁 일원, everyday from 13:00 ~ 21:00; night performances by the fountain from 19:30 to 20:30) *On Children’s day, there will be a special event for children*
  • 대한제국 외국공사 접견례 Korean Empire’s reception reenactment (정관헌, May 9th & 10th at 14:30 and 16:00)
  • 중요무형문화재 합동공개행사 Walking on a rope (덕수궁 함녕전.덕홍전 앞, from may 6th~10th at 16:00)
  • 덕수궁 풍류 Palace music (정관헌, different performances from May 4th ~ 8th at 19:00)

@Jongmyo Shrine

The shrine will offer some royal rituals such as ritual music and memorial rites.

*Disclaimer: I tried my best translating the official website as original result. These pictures are from the website, I do not own them, and I just use them to promote their festival. Events may change depending on the management of the festival.

Come enjoy the festival! 😀



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